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Ed Wilkinson: Veterans service officer to stay

I would like to thank all the veterans of Moffat County that rallied behind me during the period of time in negotiations with the county commissioners.

The commissioners presented their side, and I presented mine.

We found out some information that had been missing for many years, and because of that finding, we came to an agreement that was satisfactory to them and myself.

So, to quell the many rumors that have been going around (good ole Craig!), I will be staying on as the veterans service officer.

Again, thank you fellow veterans!!!

Ed Wilkinson


Ruth Greenwood: Reader appreciative of YVEA

Citizens of Craig and Moffat County: Please show your appreciation to Yampa Valley Electric Association for the remodel and opening of the Craig District office east of Craig.

The board of directors heard and responded to our request for a local office to take our bills, orders and concerns to. Please attend the open house at the office on Monday, Nov. 12, during working hours, meet the staff, and see what the newly refurbished offices look like.

Thank you, YVEA, for considering the needs of Craig and Moffat County citizens.


Ruth Greenwood


Ann Anderson: Humane Society grateful for support

The Humane Society of Moffat County would like to thank all the businesses and individuals who contributed to our bowling Fundraiser on Sept. 22. We would like to give special thanks to Bank of Colorado and Thunders Rolls Bowling Center.

Thanks also to Don and Tina Williams, for your contribution to run the "thank you" ad that ran in the Craig Press listing all our supporters.

Our thanks also go to Kelly Hepworth and staff at Bear Creek Animal Hospital for your support!

It was a great success which included lots of prizes and great food. Thanks to our community for your support!

Ann Anderson

Humane Society of Moffat County

St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church: To the Jewish community of Moffat County

We stand with you in expressing our outrage, pain, and sorrow at the horrific attack against innocent people gathered together in worship at the “Tree of Life” Synagogue in Pittsburgh on Oct. 27.

We condemn this anti-Semitic manifestation of pure evil, and we stand with you in our grief and condemnation of such acts of violence and hatred.

As Orthodox Christians, we share with you a common lineage of faith, and we pray with, and for, all Jewish people through our country, for an end to violence, hatred, and bigotry. Our hearts break with yours, and we desire you to know that your grief is shared. Our prayers are constant — for comfort, for justice, for healing, and for an end to hatred.

We express our solidarity with you, recognizing that an attack against any based on their faith is an attack on all people of faith. Such attacks against all who fervently seek God are an abomination, and as such, cannot stand. We are with you, and our fervent prayers are offered for your community, and to the families and victims whose lives have been forever changed by this vicious attack.

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in times of trouble.” (Psalm 46:1)

With our deepest condolences and prayers,

The community of St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church, Craig, Colorado

Gar Williams: Record supports Tipton’s commitment to veterans

A political opponent of U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton recently aired an ad claiming the representative voted against veteran's benefits. Unfortunately this was a partial truth taken out of context. Politifact ruled this attack false back in 2014, when it was used against Republican candidates then. It was false then, and it's still false. It's dragging out a previously failed and false line of attack and shows desperation to revive the floundering campaign by deceiving veterans.

In 2011 Tipton voted "no" during a procedural vote on a bill to set aside $20 million for suicide prevention for veterans. The GOP argued that such services were already funded, and the motion failed. Tipton, along with nearly every member of Congress, voted for the overall bill, which increased money for the military. The bill included $20 million for suicide prevention outreach, according to Congressional Quarterly. When the actual bill came up for a vote, Tipton voted for the bill, which restored funding for VA.

Tipton strongly supports veterans and the military, and his congressional voting record on veteran and military issues speaks for its self. Some recent bills he voted include the following.

• Nov. 14, 2014 — HR 2810: Support of Final 2018 Defense Bill

• Dec. 6, 2017 — S1266: Enhancing Veteran Care Act

• Dec. 15, 2017 — HR 4642: Introduced Veterans Improved Access and Care Act of 2017.

During the 115th Congress, Tipton was either the sponsor or a co-sponsor on the following legislative bills affecting the military and veterans.

• Veterans Right to Expediency Act — co-sponsor

• Dental care for Low Income Veterans Act — sponsor

• Protection for Veterans' Burn Pit Exposure Act of 2018 — co-sponsor

• Honoring Veterans' Families Act — co-sponsor

• Designate Montrose Post Office as "Sergeant David Kinterknecht Post Office — sponsor

• Burn Pits Accountability Act — co-sponsor

• Vet OPP Act — co-sponsor

• Amend Title 38 USC to prohibit Secretary of VA from requiring a surviving spouse to return payments for the month in which the veteran dies — co-sponsor

• Amend Title 10 USC to provide membership of Commandant of the Coast Guard on the Joint Chiefs of Staff — sponsor

• Modify presumption of service connection for veterans exposed to herbicide agents while serving in the Armed Forces in Thailand during Viet Nam era and for other purposes — co-sponsor

• Veterans Improved Access and Care Act 2017 — sponsor

• Amend Title 38 USC to direct Secretary of VA to furnish headstones or markers to private cemeteries for graves of veterans of WWI — sponsor

• Warrior Act — co-sponsor

I urge everyone to check out the facts and not be deceived by false political ads.

Gar Williams


Lloyd Rollins: Fiscally save libraries, museum

Concerning Ballot Measure 1A, I believe we should vote "no."

I believe most of us want to keep the Moffat County Libraries and the Museum of Northwest Colorado. The question becomes, how should we accomolish this. What has been currently proposed is a new tax increase of $1.2 million yearly. This is more than double the current budgets. I have suggested the city of Craig contribute $300,000 per year to the libraries' budget. Then, I suggested that we, the voters, approve a new issue next year that would be a tax increase of $600,000 or less.

Do you, the taxpayers, want to save $600,000 a year or give the county an extra $600,000 a year? Maybe the county will decide like the city was thinking of doing and create a new department at some point.

I lived in Craig for many decades. During that time, there have been occasions when the city of Craig and Moffat County have each done their own thing. Each has its own Parks and Recreation or Parks Department. The high school, when built, did its own thing, building a swimming pool for the high school. The city of Craig did its own thing building a wave pool. The county, at one point, took over the Shadow Mountain Club house, that included a smaller swimming pool. So, there were three different swimming pools for a long period of time. The school board, when building the high school, did not work with the city of Craig, and the city of Craig did not work with the school board to combine resources and build one nicer swimming pool. I have listened to a lot of people in Moffat County over the years question why the different entities did not come together and build a nicer swimming pool complex, which may have cost less money to build.

The city of Craig and Moffat County has each had its own building department. They have now combined those departments into one called the Regional Building Department. This is an example of how they can work together to make the total cost of city and county government less and more efficient.

Concerning the the cost of running the library in Craig, why can’t the city of Craig help pay the cost of the library? Some letters to the editor and members of a study committee say the city does not want to help pay the cost. Perhaps the better question should be: Should the city work with the county to provide efficient, less-costly, smaller government?

Now that the cat is out of the bag concerning the $300,000 the city of Craig has that could be used to help fund the library, the city has made an effort to try and put the cat back in the bag. See the Oct. 25 article “Economic Development Department removed from city of Craig 2019 proposed budget."

Now, we the people get to decide collectively if we want to pay a tax that is twice as much as needed to fund the libraries and museum or be wise and send the city and county back to the table of cooperation.

I ask the voters of Moffat County: Are the voters of Moffat County fiscally conservative, collectively? How you vote on Measure 1A, I believe, will answer that question.

Vote "no" on the current Measure 1A. The increase it contains exceeds by double what is needed to fund the library and museum. We can put forth a new better ballot issue next year.

Lloyd Rollins


Elise Sullivan: Vote ‘yes’ on Amendment 73, 1A

Amendment 73 would provide $2.6 million a year to Moffat County to support our schools. The Board of Education has passed a resolution that this funding would be directed to maintenance of property and teachers salaries.

Since the recession in 2008, MCSD has fallen behind in maintenance of its buildings. If we were to raise that money locally in a mill levy override, it would take approximately 8 mills of local property taxes.

If you make the median salary in Moffat County at $53,000 per year and own a $200,000 house, your property taxes would go down approximately $8 to 12 per year with a "yes" on Amendment 73. You can verify this at the calculator at cosfp.org/impactcalculator.

If we, as citizens of Moffat County, don't support our library and museum, no one else will. As part of the Citizen's Taskforce, I learned that, due to the reduction in oil and gas valuation, Moffat County is collecting less taxes from these entities. Moffat County is mandated to fund the Sheriff’s Office, the Department of Social Services, and the Road and Bridge Department. Therefore, it has deemed the library and museum "non-essential services." In the last three years the county commissioners have cut &10.7 million from their budgets, while still facing a shortfall of $1 million for the upcoming year.

The problem with continually cutting budgets is that it results in lost jobs and fewer services; as new people consider moving to Craig and Moffat County, they look at the provided services in a community as they decide to move here or not.

If you own a $200,000 home in Moffat County, you would pay $3.42 per month to support these measures. Moffat County has an assessed taxation on a $200,000 home of $990 per year, compared to the Colorado state average of $1248 per year and the national average of $2,422 per year. I got my data here: smartasset.com/taxes/colorado-property-tax-calculator#JPViMjqQFy.

If we pass up this opportunity to strengthen our schools and our community, we will be losing out on an essential part of the character of Moffat County. Please consider "yes" votes on Amendment 73 and Ballot Measure 1A.

Elise Sullivan


Bill Brown: Researcher praises Museum of Northwest Colorado

As an historical researcher involved in other museums, I particularly enjoy times spent with Dan Davidson at the Museum of Northwest Colorado. Dan is always open, helpful, insightful, and conveys a strong sense of vision for your museum.

Dan gets the connection of historic preservation with the importance of conveying history to the community. Your museum creates a sense of community and pride, where you can experience the past and learn the importance of history and its influences on the community today.

I hope your community continues to support the museum.

Bill Brown



Jane Hume: Park name change a good idea

The opportunity of including the name of Julia Carpenter in the name of the downtown Alice Pleasant Park is a good one.

Julia Carpenter supported people in their plans for financing first homes and start-up businesses right there at the north area of the park. This is a fine compliment to the amazing volunteer work by Alice Pleasant. I know Alice will welcome the opportunity to honor another Craig legend.

Jane Hume


Melody Villard: 1A is bigger than our elected officials

As a fifth-generation Moffat County resident, I feel I have a good grasp of the fibers that form our community's fabric. One of the strongest fibers is our independence and tenacity. This trait has kept our community alive through numerous adversities for nearly 130 years. This trait is weaved alongside another of our strongest fibers — a healthy dose of skepticism when it comes to government.

The possibility of a mill levy for the libraries and museum was met with skepticism and questions. I, along with many of you, have disagreed with many of the decisions our elected officials have made over the years. Even so, I decided to do my homework before disregarding the ballot question as simply a desperate money-grab with a hidden agenda. I looked at the county's historical finances, I spoke with our county commissioners, I spoke with the museum, and I spoke with the library. I wanted to answer these questions: 1) Is Moffat County truly experiencing financial hardships that could possibly warrant such a measure? 2) Have significant financial cuts been made to alleviate these hardships? 3) Will the museum and libraries really be shut down if additional funding isn't found? 4) Will the proposed mill levy funds only go toward the museum and libraries and not the general county budget?

I found the answers to all four questions were "yes".

We have a representative local government made up of our very own citizens. It is our duty to vote them in, and it’s our duty to vote them out. It is also our duty to constantly take them to task with hard questions. I don’t believe, however, it is our duty to simply "armchair quarterback" our local government while making no other effort toward making a meaningful difference. Measure 1A allows us to make that difference by contributing directly to the cornerstones of our community — our libraries and museum. I’ve done my research and know exactly why this is needed and exactly where my tax dollars will be going. Because of this, I feel 100 percent confident in my “yes” vote.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to this: Our “yes” vote will protect our museum and libraries for future generations; a “no” vote will allow them to close. This vote is real, and so are the consequences. Moffat County’s heritage and legacy are fully in our hands.

Melody Villard