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The Craig Daily Press is the number one news and advertising source in the county. As a community publication, we want our readers and advertisers to feel that this is their newspaper, that they can turn to it for the most thorough, unbiased information available. We strive to bring our readers information relevant to their lives — to enlighten, entertain and engage them. We want to present a well-rounded picture of what’s happening in Moffat County and the surrounding areas, from governmental news to how-to pieces to feature stories. Week in and week out, we gauge the rhythm and strengthen the fabric of Moffat County. That’s why we have more than 7,000 avid readers each day and, more importantly, that’s why you should advertise in the Craig Daily Press!

For advertising or a media kit please contact – 

Classified Advertising

Classified Department

Fax: 970-925-5647

Phone Number: 970-925-9937



Sheli Steele

Advertising Manager

Phone Number: 970-875-1782



Cori Kroese

Account Manager

Phone Number: 970-875-1783



KayCee Goncalves

Account Manager

Phone Number: 970-875-1781


Office Administration & Print Shop Coordinator

Amanda Rae Mason

Phone Number: 970-824-7031


Advertising Deadlines

Monday: Noon Thursday
Wednesday: Noon Monday
Friday: Noon Wednesday
Saturday: 4 p.m. Thursday


Daily: Preceding Day, Noon
Saturday: Preceding Wednesday, Noon

Special Advertising Sections

The Craig Daily Press has designed a number of special editions to enhance the effectiveness of your advertising message. From holiday tie-ins to custom editions, these special editions encourage a higher level of reader involvement for your potential customers.

Contact the Craig Daily Press advertising department by phone (970-824-7031) fax (970-824-6810) or email to learn more about these special sections.

If you are interested in advertising and wish to submit art digitally, please contact Laura Tamucci in production via phone or email for details on file, platform and media compatibility, and delivery locations.

Please contact our advertising consultants for information.