yamparob 1 year, 11 months ago on Grobe testifies in Washington, DC

Thank You Luke for providing a logical and opposite view point. Moffat County government seems stuck on narrow false, and limiting views about our public lands. Like: "if it isn't free for oil and gas development is isn't multiple use". Personally, I am pro oil and gas development on public lands where it makes sense. Roading and drilling primitive qualities areas does not make sense, especially where most of these areas have low or no known mineral potentials. Those citizens of Moffat county who love to camp, view, ATV, hike, and hunt public lands here are being duped by their Moffat County government.


yamparob 1 year, 11 months ago on Commissioner John Kinkaid returns from rehab, hopes to restore trust from Moffat County

Hey cologrl: It has been fun reading your emotional reactions. bottom line: John sold himself in a way he wasn't. Glad I didn't vote for him. All good things must come to and end, so I am signing off. Good by.


yamparob 1 year, 12 months ago on Commissioner John Kinkaid returns from rehab, hopes to restore trust from Moffat County

Well shoot the messenger. I am happy when someone overcomes an addiction problem. I just pointed out the inherent dishonesty John exhibited in his campaign. Silly me, I though it was mostly Democratic Party politicians who pulled stuff like this. A new low standard has been set in Moffat County's Republican Party. Which given the 'landed gentry' that rule the party here...


yamparob 3 years ago on Moffat County officials discuss encouraging healthier lifestyles

For one here in Moffat county to be 'aware' that there is a poor health problem, all one has to do is go shopping. All the shopping carts stuffed with white breads, sodas, cookies, cow milk, and other toxic foods are being pushed by enormous people. The clothing shops all have extra, extra, extra large clothing on the racks. Hey, the city should approve some more fast food places. My experience here is that any 'educational' effort will be a REAL challenge. Just trying to find a good variety of fresh organic foods and grass fed beef is almost impossible. And this is supposedly beef country. And a good selection of fresh non-farm raised fish? hah! Good Luck