yaho 4 years, 4 months ago on Craig murder suspect appears in Moffat County District Court for advisement

I don't think he has been found guilty yet has he?? He did not go looking for this , I believe it may have been self defense?? He was not a bar fly, unlike the other. Shane should have treated her better. Horrible for all involved.


yaho 8 years ago on Craig day care owner arrested for fraud

I just read that fraud was committed by a officers wife, I did not read that Social Services frauded this women why blame SS for this just because it is a goverment agncey. I am sure Alvin is just as guilty, and should also face charges. He know doubt enjoyed spending the money . As a business owner I make my self aware of finances and employees. Just because he is a officer of law he is still corrupt. Andreas declining clients, a cops salary , kid in college, new cars, motorcycles, mortgage on a home etc etc. Why not try to get a little extra cash. Alvin also mentions S.S. has a vendetta against he and Andrea. How funny I am thinking the same about Alvin as a police officer and alot of the arrestts that he has made , VENDETTA against certain people in this community