winterbottom 6 years, 11 months ago on Johnson pleads guilty

I understand everyone wanted their pound of flesh. Lord knows I believe the Craig City Council completely and totally bungled their "review" of the IA job done by the upper tier of our police department. But, is it better for us all to move on knowing Ken totally disgraced himself and committed several crimes, or should we play out a long ordeal in the courts and newspaper until everyone is so sick of reading about it that the real point gets forgotten.

Ken Johnson is a dumb person. We all know this. Tausha Merwin is a dumb person. This is no shock. If they want to take up each other's time by themselves and the rabble that will share their company, good riddance. I want Walt Vanatta fired. Whether he had the best intentions or not, he was so arrogant he let himself be used and put his own officers in danger. If I worked over there, I would resent the hell out of that.


winterbottom 6 years, 11 months ago on C&K adds Moffat County to list of clients

“We are just redirecting employment to the private sector from the public sector, where it makes sense,” he said.

Pretty bold case of doublespeak from the commissioner. The article says the county will cut payroll by 28K after spending 106K last year. Seems to me that's 106K spent on employees that are now laid off. That kind of money probably means it wasn't just a few high school kids with parttime jobs.

I don't necessarily disagree with Tom, but it's just weird he and the author would almost go out of their way not to address the number of people who lost their jobs. I'm sure they read this and didn't see it as such a positive thing, or cared one iota about the religious leanings of the people who took their jobs.

By the way, Gray says this isn't a sign the county will cut jobs, even though it just did, and then follows it up with saying it's not the county's responsibility to provide jobs. Again, I don't totally disagree, but I wouldn't be real excited about job security if I worked at the county now.


winterbottom 7 years ago on MCTA discusses voting violations

It seems kind of obvious the MCTA board used a secret ballot because of the same old Craig politics that prevent people from being honest to each other about what they think of them. Even though Melody and Marilynn knew close to exactly who voted for them, the board members couldn't just do it out in the open. That would be too mature.

Look at the vote. All the old board members voted for Melody, who herself is an old board member. The newbies voted for someone else. Anyone else.

I also think it's hilarious that the MCTA board went ahead with an illegal secret ballot vote...... AGAIN..... when one of its board members works for the same paper that wrote a story about the last illegal secret ballot vote. Incompetence runs deep, I'm afraid.


winterbottom 7 years ago on Sage grouse granted “warranted but precluded” listing

I don't think you can count the whole habitat. I don't know much about this, but sage grouse mate in certain places and if they can't get there they won't have chicks. So, it's not the amount of the activity that is taking away habitat but the location.


winterbottom 7 years, 1 month ago on Bryce Jacobson: Mayor, commissioner miss the point — again

Bryce, I think you missed a third alternative to what the mayor and the rest of the council will do when it comes to making a decision. If the decision is too tough, they'll just do nothing and wait for everyone to forget. Look at the Ken Johnson stuff. Maybe the police chief and the others in leadership over there aren't corrupt, maybe they weren't trying to cover anything up. If that's true, they were still either too arrogant or too stupid to see what was going on, which in my mind still makes them unfit for the job. Our mayor would rather we all forget about it and just move on and trust the people in charge. Go ahead and ask him to his face. When I did he just shrugged his shoulders, asked me what he should do and then didn't listen to anything I had to say.

Maybe if more people voted we could have gotten Don Jones out of office by now.


winterbottom 7 years, 1 month ago on John and Jodi Pogline: Faith and history

Just for the sake of discussion, let's say that you're right, there never has been a separation of church and state in the US. Do you think this is right? Do you think the government should actively pursue Christian ideals and persecute all others? Or, would you prefer a country with true religious freedom?


winterbottom 7 years, 1 month ago on Craig City Council praises probe of Police Department

If I were a reporter here I would truly enjoy listening to Byron speak. Byron, if you're reading this, please don't ever go away. Your carefully worded insights are always an insightful revelation.