westslopeguy 7 years, 5 months ago on City, law enforcement bring in outside investigators

OK, someone here has to tell me where I'm missing the link. We as a community, and subsequently the CPD is dissatisfied with the investigation completed in March. As Chief Vanetta said, in hindsight- with good reason. Hopefully we have learned that, as Vermillion points out, a department should not ''investigate'' itself. So, If I understand correctly, we're going to "hire" a 39year veteran of the Fraternal Order of Policemen cum rent-a-cop - for $90/hr PLUS EXPENSES - to investigate the Fraternal Order of Policemen in Craig. And this makes sense exactly, um, why? I could think of a more objective Timothy Leary to conduct this investigation, but that ties into another argument that seems to garner interest in these pages. Just my 2cents, Paul


westslopeguy 7 years, 5 months ago on Byron Willems: Medical marijuana

"All I know is that this entire medical marijuana situation has been twisted and distorted to allow literally thousands of Coloradans who use marijuana for “recreational usage” to now obtain it legally." (Quote from Councilor Willems' letter to the editor and by default, to the people of Craig)

Councilor Willems: Apparently, since this is “All you know…” you do not personally know anyone who uses marijuana as prescribed, to his medical benefit. I do, and apparently so do a majority of Coloradans. I can’t believe with that as your opening statement to the community, that your biases have allowed you to be a “public servant.” One looking out for the better good of the community, not just “…twisting and distorting …” the facts to support your belief. What is it again, exactly that an elected public servant was elected to do?

Further quote from Councilor Willems' letter: "Also, the records in Colorado show most dispensary operators are registered medical marijuana users themselves, some admitting to using marijuana for 40-plus years."

With opinions like this determining public policy, is it any wonder that an individual who has sanction from the State of Colorado to use marijuana to reduce the detriment that his ailment has caused him finds it easier to open his own dispensary? It is too restrictive for a legal, prescribed user to procure his medicine. Ergo, the logical way around public policy makers who “only know” one thing, (and there is a difference in “knowing” and “believing” something), is to create a dispensary. Let's not get into the entrepreneurial spirit it takes to start one's own business in a hostile environment, thus deflaming the argument that marijuana users have reduced ambitions, etc.

Additional quote from Councilor Willems: "It is sad that the truly sick people who can benefit from medical marijuana now are being lumped into a pile with a bunch of potheads using the system."

It is truly sad that our public servants, those we elected to support the charter of our city, and the constitution and legislations of our state, lump “…people who can benefit… into a pile with a bunch of potheads…”

Maybe, rather than blast Mr. Willems, and “lump” him with other uninformed individuals, we ought to rethink the way we vote and consider a candidates belief in “our” system, not just his belief system.

I could go on, but in my effort to keep this brief, I'll just add...

my two cents, Paul


westslopeguy 7 years, 5 months ago on Mike Flannery: Marijuana questions

Now there's an informed opinion to add to the thread. It reminds me of my best retort when I was young.... "Oh yeah!"


westslopeguy 7 years, 5 months ago on Your community snapshots

being this as ''community photos" and Craig is a landlocked "community" how or where was the photo of the 4-master taken?


westslopeguy 7 years, 11 months ago on Mary Nelson: Wrong message for city

While I tend to agree in sentiment with Mr. AltitudeAdjustment's commentary, I feel compelled to believe Mr. als362's point more succinctly. We should not pick and choose which laws to enforce and which to ''let slide" because the cost of prosecuting that violation will not outweigh the benefit of winning the prosecution, (which IS what it all comes down to, isn't it?). While Mr. AltitudeAdjustment proposes that this is done all the time, doesn't make it right. Hence, since we are not judge and jury, and the same city charter that was allegedly - (remember that innocent until proven..?.. nah! never mind) - violated by Mr. Reina was violated by Mr. Carwile, I certainly hope the City Council of Craig, The Craig Police Department, and the District Attorney's office of Moffat County and/or the 14th Judicial District of the State of Colorado will pursue those violations with as much vigor. We can think of the ''rights and wrongs" to the people of Craig, or we can think of how much money those people can make in the prosecution of both, as opposed to just one. Lawyers, Jurors, Newspapermen, Holy cow! We'll all get rich.


westslopeguy 7 years, 11 months ago on Jane Hume: To the City Council

I agree wth als362. Hence Tery Carwile needs to be prosecuted for violating the SAME section of the City Charter. If Terry Carwile, who HAS RUN for public office previously AND WON, therefore assuming he KNOWS the rules of law, (Isn't that what we want in our elected officials?), (Let alone this time without abiding by the law?), shouldn't he be challenged as much as, (or perhaps moreso since he KNOWS how the political game is played in Craig?), Mr. Reina?

Doubt so, but would like to see discourse ... lovya


westslopeguy 7 years, 11 months ago on Chamber suffers 'fractures' after special meeting

Deal with it Dave. You don't run the freakin' town. Much like you think you can,or wish you can based on the way the town USED to run. What you say doesn't always go. Learn to live as most of us do... BY THE RULES. WAAHH! my f in heart bleeds.

This from someone that has seen what the good ol' boi network can do to an individual.

C'mon Get Real!!