unbelievable6060 6 years, 5 months ago on Craig Mayor, PETA exchange letters

greenie52 - REALLY? You see the solution is replacing our major and city council members? Have you ever attempted to put yourself in their shoes? I know it isn't as easy you as believe it would be, I for one would not want to be up against the tough issues they have to face. Trying to make the correct decisions to please people can't be what it is about, they have to make those tough calls they feel is best based on facts and statistics for the entire City of Craig. Do I want to see the deer killed, no I don't, but I will also support the decision that is made because I know it won't be gone into lightly and all of the research will have been done. Most of the time this blog is used for people who choose to do a lot of complaining, what do you think would happen if the blog was used for solutions and something constructive?


unbelievable6060 6 years, 5 months ago on Thompson-Booker: Vote no on 2B

I agree with als362.....it doesn't make sense for anyone to drive 40+ miles to save less than $5.00, it just isn't going to happen. Think about it in these terms, if a person is traveling for business, the business is most generally in Craig or they wouldn't be coming here, why would you drive 90 miles round trip just to save $4.50? It just doesn't make sense. The one point everyone seems to forget or purposely overlooks is the fact if we have a business who will be staying in the hotels for 30+ days they are not going to be paying the lodging tax. I just feel some of these arguments have no validity....do your research before voting, but please vote.


unbelievable6060 6 years, 6 months ago on Progress for Craig promotes 2B

Dear craigcampnfamle,

You really need to get your facts straight! For someone who seems to be so connected to many different community groups and people, how can you have so many things wrong?

Fact #1 - You are referring to the MCTA board not the Craig Chamber of Commerce board. The Craig Chamber of Commerce board is chosen by the Chamber members by a ballot, not handpicked by anyone.

Fact #2 - Did you ever think the County Commissioners wanted to change over the MCTA board because of the ineffectiveness it has had for so many years? Do you believe the bad press MCTA has had over the years is only due to the current new board? It is my understanding this board has only been seated for not even a full year, so it is hard to blame everything wrong with MCTA on the current board.

Part of the logic behind the 2B/lodging tax is to promote Moffat County which hasn't been done in the past, which has become very apparent by the amount of money left over in the MCTA county fund. Wasn't the balance close to $300,000? Can anyone answer why the previous board which did consist of Ms. McCaffrey, Ms. Brannon, Mrs. Villard and Mr. Moe did not use the funds available to market Moffat County, isn't that what they were on the board to do? Even though MCTA seems to always struggle and have issues, I find it hard to believe the new board is the reason.

Fact #3 - did you ever consider when Mr. DeRose applied for the MCTA board there could have been other candidates which were better suited and did meet the qualifications?

Fact #4 - Whether or not Referendum 2B passes or does not - the concept is a great idea and is the best one I have heard in many years to promote and truly market the wonderful area we live in. If we continue down the current path, where do you see us in five years? By moving the tourism fund to the city, this opens new avenues due to state statues on how this fund can be spent. I only wish the lodging tax group could have been able to educate each and every individual.

I for one am voting YES on 2B as well as I am voting for Audrey Danner and Tom Mathers. It is the future of Moffat County.