unbelievable6060 4 years, 3 months ago on Al Cashion: This is OUR Hospital

I am appalled at this opinion column. Al Cashion who do you think you are? The way I see it is you were asked to sit on the Editorial Board of the Craig Daily Mess several months ago and then all of a sudden that gave you the right and the freedom to write these awful opinion columns? Shame on the Craig Daily Press for even allowing something like this. Of course it goes right along with how the Publisher, Mr. Jacobson handles things. Somehow I see the two of you getting along really well.


unbelievable6060 4 years, 8 months ago on Letter: Moffat County a beautiful place to visit

In today's Craig Daily Press the heading to this article reads, "Moffat County Visitor Center a gem". The Moffat County Visitors Center is located inside of the Craig Chamber of Commerce and is not connected to the MCTA office space. The Moffat County Commissioners stated they were not going to approve MCTA to have a visitors center, but they (MCTA) was going to only be renting office space inside of the Centennial Mall. Funny how it all worked out and MCTA was able to do what they wanted and make it happen anyway. I say shame on our three County Commissioners for allowing this to happen and not standing up for what they stated they believed in because they choose to believe they were being politically correct.

I would like to see proof from MCTA where their Board and Director do anything to promote tourism outside of Moffat County, which is what the lodging tax was created for. I don't feel Baggs, WY, Meeker, Hayden or Steamboat qualify for outside of our area. They will tell you they pay for the Craig Daily Press to mail out the Colorado Hunter, which I believe to be true, but tell me where does all of their other money go to? And isn't that a conflict of interest with the Publisher of the paper sitting on the MCTA board? The lodging tax was not set up to market to Craig/Moffat County by creating a hands on visitor center which is geared much more to our school kids. How can we allow this to continue and for the lodging tax dollars to be spent in this manner?


unbelievable6060 5 years, 1 month ago on Editorial: Respectful request

highway 1340 - VERY well said! Thank you to someone who is willing to look a little deeper than taking what they read or hear at face value.


unbelievable6060 5 years, 4 months ago on VFW: Veterans Park not up for sale to City of Craig

As I was reading all of the comments, the only one that described my personal thoughts was by "thirdgenerationCraig". Great job and well said!

We all need to remember, this "fight" between the VFW and the City of Craig (City Counsel) will end up having a major negative impact on the town we all love, no matter who is right or wrong. The way it sounds now, without further negotiations, the outcome is going to take away the park as we know it. What a shame to take away the pool for the kids & adults during the summer, swimming competitions, picnics, Whittle the Wood, any other type of events which may be held there. The park is a huge asset to our little town and it is a place people enjoy going back to time and time again. Can you really envision an oil well or even a fence keeping everyone out of that area put up?

The way I see it is the VFW and City Council needs to be able to go to the negotiations table and discuss what both sides are looking for and be able to come to a compromise for the good of Craig. I believe both entities want what is best for our community and the residents who live here.

I really hope both the VFW and the City Council members will be able to put the residents/visitors first and not their own personal agendas.


unbelievable6060 6 years, 1 month ago on Resident outlines visitor center proposal to county commission

Very confused by this one, it sounds like to me Ms. Villard has MCTA in her back pocket, where is the connection? People seriously think about this one. The BOCC made a decision over a year ago to not reappointment Ms. Villard to the MCTA board and yet she is asking them to put her in charge basically of their marketing and move forward with a huge capital expense? Wrong decision! I feel there is way too much going on behind the scenes which is starting to surface and many people are undermining established proven entities in Moffat County/Craig. I hope the BOCC really considers what is on the table and weighs the pros and cons and doesn't worry about their public relation moves, after all it isn't an election year.


unbelievable6060 6 years, 3 months ago on Craig Daily Press announces upcoming changes

als362 a rag of a newspaper? I see your comments all over the Craig Daily Press website blogs, for someone who says they won't pay anything for it, you obviously read it pretty frequently whether it is the paper version or on-line. I guess it must be worth much more than you are willing to admit.


unbelievable6060 6 years, 4 months ago on Commission overturns MCTA decision

Once again I am reading these posts and sitting here shaking my head. Does anyone ever stop to think the reasons the Board of County Commissioners overrode MCTA's decision on the MOU agreement with the Craig Chamber is because it was what was best for the Moffat County Visitors Center? When I vote for my city and county officials, I vote for them because I believe they will make the best decisions for the area I live in. Do any of you have any idea how many visitors the Visitors Center/Craig Chamber services on an annual basis? I believe all of your comments are just opinions once again and isn't based on the actual facts.


unbelievable6060 6 years, 4 months ago on Craig City Council introduces deer feeding ordinance

als362 I completely agree with you about "just the facts" - those aren't facts they are just opinions. It just makes me sick when I read some of these posts. I agree with you about the Craig Daily Press taking stance with some of the things that are allowed to be posted. I feel they are direct attacks on others. I just finished reading the comments under Julie Dempsters Letter to the Editor and I can't believe how she came under attack for stating her opinion. Come on people! How awful!! DavidMoore I feel your posting is right on the mark.


unbelievable6060 6 years, 4 months ago on Should Craig City Council rework the city’s lodging tax measure for the April municipal election after it was voted down in the general election?

The city lodging tax is a really good idea for everyone involved. I believe part of the problem was the high percent of tax as well as many comments I have heard, people believe it was an underhanded way for Dave DeRose to finally get the rec center he has been wanting for several years. I think that needs to be taken off the table and from the lodging tax plan and move forward with the tourism aspect and what will drive visitors to Craig/Moffat County. We all know how ineffective MCTA is, why do we want the 1.9% tax to continue to go to that board when they are limited as to what they can spend it on, as well as the fact the board just doesn't work. I am afraid the tax will not pass in April as well because of the fact is it a TAX.