Rating: 4

toris None

Just had lunch and AMAZING!! Our server at a pub down the road reccomended it to us when he overheard us talking about sushi. What a neat idea having an old school atari to play while he (I think his name was Christ) rolled up our order. He had a few orders in front of us and seemed to have quite a few locals stopping by to pick up takeout orders. Personally I think they missed out on the fun of Space Invaders but oh well :). Our sushi was very good, we had the spicy tuna and the economic crunch. I tried my wife's tuna roll and it was good but was very happy I went with mine as it was delicious. Top five in my experiences with sushi. Only drawback is no in-house seating. Chris explained it was because of no public restrooms, which I can understand, but a little table to sit down and enjoy the rolls would have been nice.

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