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Terrie Barrie 4 years, 1 month ago on John Milligan: Wife will get kidney

John and Jane,

Thanks for keeping everyone updated. The best to both of you and God bless.


Terrie Barrie 4 years, 3 months ago on Moffat County Commission concerned about wild land order

Yes, DOE Legacy Management is limited to those facilities used to manufacture the nuclear weapons. For instance, LM is responsible, as I'm sure you have read, for the Maybell Uranium mine.

However, what caught my attention on the Environmental Justice webpage was the first paragraph (I wish I knew how to bold onthis blog). The sentence that begins with "Fair treatment means..."

What Is Environmental Justice?

Environmental Justice is fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people with respect to development, implementation and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations and policies. Fair treatment means that no population bears a disproportionate share of negative environmental consequences resulting from industrial, municipal and commercial operations, or from the execution of Federal, state and local laws, regulations and policies. Meaningful involvement requires effective access to decision-makers for all, and the ability in all communities to make informed decisions and take positive actions to produce environmental justice for themselves.

I think this may be a resource to pursue. It may not pan out, but...



Terrie Barrie 4 years, 3 months ago on Moffat County Commission concerned about wild land order

GreyStone, I agree. Facts and accurate information are important. I see, however, legitimate concerns about energy development in Moffat County raised on the paper's blog.

Onewhocares - came across this website for the Department of Energy's Environmental Justice office. Perhaps you can reach out to the office to see if they have anything to offer the citizens of Moffat County.



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As a transplant from back East and struggling for the ten plus years to have a thriving garden, I love the idea of the hydroponic greenhouse business. Maybe one or a portion of one of the greenhouses could be devoted to tropical plants and the business could charge a minimal fee to the public so they can enjoy the setting during these cold, cold days in January and February. Give us working class folks a chance to pretend we're in Hawaii.

What about solar energy? It seems pretty non-invasive. I realize power lines are needed but, at my house, the power lines are underground. Would solar panel arrays need to have those huge towers to transmit the electricity?


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Onewhocares - thank you for researching the homeowners options. I never would have thought of making Geokinetics go through my mortgage company for permission.

Some of you may be interested in the investigative reports done by ProPublica on fracturing



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While we can understand the Commissioners' concerns about the State of Colorado usurping the county's power, we cannot understand the Commissioners reluctance to do everything in their power to protect the environment and the public's health. This does not mean "DO NOT drill in Moffat County". This means drill but drill responsibly. Our coal mines are regulated and still operate, why not the gas and oil industries.

The Rocky Mountain News published a special report last week on the impact of oil and gas on the Western Slope. You can access most of the four day report here:


The Denver Post published an article in Sunday, December 16, 2007, about the Mayors from several West Slope communities sending a letter objecting to drilling on the Roan Plateau. You can access that article here:


We suggest that concerned citizens read these articles and take an active part in the approval process.

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