stelladams 4 years, 11 months ago on Department of Justice seizes files from local physician

This is a quick note to let the readers know that my family and I are 100% behind Dr. Miller and his clinic. He has done nothing but been a good caring doctor and we are proud to call him a friend. My sons think the world of him and he has helped them countlessly. We have been with Joel since he came here to work with Dr. Told, and we will continue to see him and his staff (hopefully for a really long time). Chris and JD Adams


stelladams 5 years, 4 months ago on VFW: Veterans Park not up for sale to City of Craig

I have to agree with the VFW heads. Craig city council has a habit of these kinds of tatics. I think a community garden on half the property and a oil rig on the other side of the pool, would be a great learning tool for the children. IE: This just shows you how the government entities treat the peasants


stelladams 6 years, 3 months ago on Public Utilities Commission examines coal plans, could rule Wednesday

The price of natural gas will go out the roof, just like gasoline is now. The more you use the more they will charge. Your utility bill for electricity will go out the roof. They will need to find more natural gas to keep up with the demand. When utility companies start ramping up there plants with just natural gas, the price to heat your home is going to go up. Then they will revert back to coal because consumers will rave about the price they will be paying for there electricity.