Tammy Showalter

Tammy Showalter 2 months, 3 weeks ago on Jamie Daszkiewicz: Upset with school board

thank you for not only standing up for what you believe, but not backing down to negative comments from those who obviously form their opinions on what the media chooses to show them. You go girl!


Tammy Showalter 2 months, 3 weeks ago on Our view: Board not promoting

I hope someone will step up and answer your call....all of my out of state visitors have chosen SBS lodging for this year. Maybe you get what you pay for in Steamboat lodging instead of funding a nowhere blues mentality.


Tammy Showalter 3 months, 2 weeks ago on Craig man pleas guilty to vehicular assault, robbery

Speaking from the side of someone killed by a habitual offender, locking someone up doesn't necessarily rehabilitate. In our case the offender got out, got drunk, and drove again, taking my sisters life. He is out again and still drinking and driving. I pray he finds the help he needs.


Tammy Showalter 11 months, 3 weeks ago on Greg Hamilton: We should spend wisely

seriously? my kids had issues with the internet working at MCHS. What they needed was a textbook to do the classwork with, the school won't buy books, but they will spend money on ipads that will be destroyed by those who appreciate nothing.....I say if you think an ipad is going to move mountains for your kids, then buy them yourself and be RESPONSIBLE, both financially and as a parent!


Tammy Showalter 1 year ago on Paul James: Opportunity missed daily

Sometimes what is right for some is just not right with everyone else. I question the point Mr. James is trying to make with his letter? Call me a snob, but what I have seen in my many years on earth is marijuana does impair you in more ways than one. And I for one have not seen an awful lot of responsible use. One look at the recent murder in Steamboat Springs and the reasons surrounding it, greed. More money for the school district isn't going to fix their spending issues anyway....maybe everyone should learn to live within the limits of the law and their own budgets for a change.