Tammy Showalter

Tammy Showalter 5 days, 17 hours ago on How do you feel about the conditions at Loudy-Simpson Park and the softball fields?

We should maintain high standards for ourselves and others can benefit as well. Letting things go for lack of funding shows poor financial planning in my opinion. We elect the commissioners and they work for us, the taxpayer, and should be making an effort to maintain as well as improve what we have. Take care of what we have instead of letting it deteriorate. Sometimes you need to look at the bigger picture and strike a balance for everyone. At least make a dedicated effort. Raising fees for substandard facilities is a slap in the face! How can anyone slight those who go play at a nicer place for less money? Just because we live here doesn't mean we have to accept less!


Tammy Showalter 3 weeks, 5 days ago on Clerks Corner: Navigating the DMV

Previous years registration was not given as an option to my "helper". Good to know when I send her back with the previous registration.


Tammy Showalter 4 weeks, 1 day ago on Craig sales tax down in first quarter of 2016

Not one comment in the entire article addressing WHY sales tax revenue is down. Maybe residents are facing budget shortfalls as well. Where is the discussion to tighten government belts or how and where to save. What can you get from beating a dead horse?


Tammy Showalter 1 month, 1 week ago on Our View: Craig residents will have to pay — no matter what

Implementing a use tax is admitting local consumers go elsewhere for major purchases. And why is that? Penalize those who buy elsewhere instead of being competitive. If the only difference in price of an exact same item were city sales tax there might be a point. However if you can go elsewhere and still save $5k on that same item a use tax will still be a savings. It will benefit our community coffers without contributing to local gouging. In today's cyber world shopping around is a given unless you don't care how much you pay.


Tammy Showalter 1 month, 1 week ago on Craig Daily Press has new owners

I can see state and world news anywhere, local news is the only reason I subscribe. I receive 2 publications from out of state and both have local news for their area. Small town newspapers should have a healthy relationship with the entire local community. Not favoritism to certain views, but all sides of the facts. Just my opinion, am I alone in my thinking?


Tammy Showalter 4 months, 3 weeks ago on Jamie Daszkiewicz: Upset with school board

thank you for not only standing up for what you believe, but not backing down to negative comments from those who obviously form their opinions on what the media chooses to show them. You go girl!