serena1313 3 years, 11 months ago on Craig resident proposes ordinance requiring heads of households to own rifles

Mandating gun ownership is absurd. It is not a solution. Just trying to enforce the mandate alone would be next to, if not, impossible not to mention cost prohibitive.

The city council, of course, could always hire inspectors to knock on every door & insist on seeing the occupant's gun. But that is not a viable solution. Nor is excluding ex-convicts & the mentally ill a viable solution either -- not without background checks. Furthermore the latter would also require hiring one or more qualified doctors to determine a person's mental health should it come into question. Good luck finding a doctor to volunteer his/her services to be on call full-time for free or for a small fee.

The fact is that anyone, regardless of their mental state, criminal history or background, at any time can purchase a weapon at any gun show & no one is the wiser.

There is a viable cost-effective enforceable solution, but that would entail closing the gun show loophole by requiring background checks which presumably the city council along with a number of residents oppose.

Last but not least, Rummel's statement, “This is about more than just guns, this is about protecting our economy ..." is misguided & ill-advised. This is not the wild west. Civilized people do not resolve their differences by shooting each other.