saunders 6 years, 6 months ago on Moffat County resident supporting ballot measures

Wow...are you serious. You are kidding right? The damage these three will do will be unprecedented and to come out and say you support them shows that you honestly do not care about the community or state in which we live. Please seek residence elsewhere preferable a third world county that has no roads, no schools, and no local government then you could see what the effects of your ignorance would have on Moffat County and Colorado.


saunders 6 years, 7 months ago on Safety center lease at issue in Craig

That is about the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Pay 11% of the total building operating costs. The City has no responsibility to pay for any percentage of a county jail. Would the City receive 11% of funds generated by the jail for importing inmates. The county needs to pull up their big boy pants and charge the City a fair rate for the space the City occupies.


saunders 6 years, 7 months ago on TMH names new administrator

From an appraiser to chief of organizational excellence from appraising property to being responsible for oversight of hospital employee, physician and patient satisfaction programs, as well as provide executive leadership and direction in human resources, food and nutritional services, outpatient clinics, marketing and public relations. I find it hard to believe she was the most qualified. Maybe some backroom politics got to be more to this story. All in all the county should come out ahead on this one.


saunders 6 years, 8 months ago on MCHS football falls to Evergreen, 26-22, in zero-week game

fourth and 2 with about 6 minutes left in the game and the Bulldogs go for it which they should have and the call that the coach makes is a reverse? It seems coach goes to the trick plays at crucial moments of games and it rarely works out....a few minutes later and Evergreen was in a similar situation they call a QB sneak up the middle....1st down. Smash mouth football will always prevail over trickery.


saunders 6 years, 8 months ago on Jennifer Riley announces candidacy for Moffat County assessor

She was Carol's campaign manager and her negativity probably cost Carol her chance at winning. So logically her only option would be run herself in a transparent and desperate move with hopes that her mud slinging behind the scenes pays off feel free to turn that into a campaign button!


saunders 7 years, 11 months ago on Chamber suffers 'fractures' after special meeting

$5 is $5 and when awardinding a low bid it matters. I am appauled that the Teeter's believe that if they do things for the chamber they should be awarded close bids. That alone to me is enough to ask for Deb Teeters resignation from the Chamber board. It is exaclty this type of thinking that has hindered Craig business for years. The good ole boys club needs disbanned for good. Cudos to Christine for awarding the bid based on fiscal information alone. As far as any other possible wrong doings it sounds like sour grapes to me and someone is showing there true colors.


saunders 8 years, 3 months ago on Social host ordinance scheduled to go before City Council this summer

These types of laws have been very successful in many communities around the country and are just a piece of what needs to be done to address the situation our community and nation find are selves in. I offer this scenario. Police bust a party at a 24 year old males home minors are cited for MIPS (minor in possession) and questioned on whom bought the alcohol. No one names names. They are already in trouble why lose their supplier in the process. The following week they are all back at the same house doing the same thing. Is the 24 year old male the supplier? I believe most would assume so. A social hosting ordinance would give our officers the tool needed to cite the home owner regardless of who bought the alcohol and hopefully deter him from continuing to providing not only alcohol but a place for it to be consumed. In an environment like the one in our scenario not only is drinking controlled but couldn't other criminal acts such as vandalism, assault, sexual assault and even deaths be prevented? I do agree that this is by no means a cure all for underage drinking but if increased awareness and education along with law enforcement begin to work together it is an issue we can overcome.

In a previous post these were cited. "See these: and even scarier" Over the years prevention people have learned the hard way about what does and does not work. Scare tactic ads worked well in the short term but in the long run they did more harm than good. Advertising now is more geared around positive behaviors and empowering our youth. Such as

I invite you all to consider the following questions. What do you think of when some says they drink? Does that mean 1 or 2 drinks? Does it mean they regularly get drunk? If I say my Aunt Lori drinks what enters your mind? I she an alcoholic to you?

I believe that if 20 people read this there would be 20 different definitions which is part of the problem. We have no clear definitions around alcohol and all have different thoughts, opinions and experiences surrounding it. I invite you to consider what drink means to each of us. Until we all get on the same page and clearly define what drinking is and what is acceptable topics surrounding alcohol can be difficult.