saunders 6 years ago on Bill Snare: Read the fine print

"My hat goes off to all the volunteer firefighters. They rank right up there with the soldiers who fight for us in Afghanistan and Iraq." but they aren't worthy of 3.497 mills they receive. A mill amount that is still lower than most towns and cities.

I feel sorry for those who so selflessly serve on our Fire Department.

I feel sorry that they have to read day after day that they are inadequate, dishonest and unappreciated.

I feel sorry that we are against providing them with every opportunity to make it home to there families after each emergency.

I feel sorry that a whopping $23 for each $100,000 of assessed value is to much money to provide equipment, facilities and even possibly an in house training facility.

I pose these questions. Is there any difference in the dangers a Craig Fire Rescue firefighter and a big city full time fire department firefighter will encounter at an active house fire? Is the possibility of injury or god forbid death less likely to happen here because we are a small town? The simple answer is NO.

I supported all the mill increases even the ones that failed...WHY?..because I couldn't imagine having to look a widow in the eye and know I said that there lives were not worth the money.

Here are some true facts:

Since 01/01/2011 - 26 Firefighters have died in the line of duty.

I will be at the next fire board meeting...will you?

I hope the fire board continues to do what is best for the community and the firefighters.


saunders 6 years ago on The case for station no. 2 in Craig

@ranger I am sorry you are letting your personal feelings for one individual sway your opinions but it is clearer now where you motives lie.

I have and will continue to support the second station.

I would also like to point out that Craig Fire doesn't just respond to residential or commercial emergencies. Industrial response is something Craig Fire needs to be extremely well trained in and it takes just a glance to the southern horizon to understand why. Craig Station is the single largest contributor to the fire district and poses the greatest risk potential. Craig Fire is tasked with fire suppression, confined space rescue, technical rescue and assisting with Hazmat response. With that in mind I can easily see the need for a 5 story training tower as the plant is much larger than the proposed 5 story tower. Not everything is about the residential home owner and that the district and the board have a responsibility to provide training for industrial events.


saunders 6 years ago on Craig resident proposes mill levy, foundation to offset school budget cuts


I could just imagine how those who wanted, supported and voted in support of the current fire department levy would feel seeing it given it to another special district especially when companies and entities who don't pay into the school coffers suddenly have their monies given away. Seriously do some research before coming on these and blabbing away.


saunders 6 years ago on Craig Fire District continuing with 2nd station plans

Read this.... So because they were successful in the grant writing it saved the district by my math over $700,000 that it would have spent out of mill levy dollars. The tax levy is not too high it was just offset by DOLA funds applied for and received by the hard work of the board and firefighters at Craig Fire. With regards to the possible expanded services they were mentioned in another paper article. In that article it mentions the possibility of CNCC using the facility to possibly offer fire science classes. This could bring more people and more dollars to our community while having a second station near the apparent growth pattern towards the west and make no mistake Craig has grown since this levy went into effect. Since the levy passed we have seen the Hampton Inn, Candle Wood Suites (both allowed to build higher than allowed in the past because of the new equipment purchased by Craig Fire), The Memorial Hospital, WalMart and the new CNCC campus just to name a few and all of this has been built on the west end of town. Where station 2 is proposed. I am by no means an expert on the additional reasons for a second station but I do believe it will be well researched and managed.

Allen I am dumber for having read your comments giving money to the schools from an unrelated and separate district is well….retarded unethical and probably illegal. I feel for the position the state has placed K-12 education in and have myself written letters and emails to the Governor and legislators of this state but the two topics are comparing apples to oranges. Perhaps you too should be lobbying for schools at the state level.


saunders 6 years ago on Craig Fire District continuing with 2nd station plans

I find this all very amusing that at a time when most organizations are struggling and cutting services an organization that is expanding services at no cost to the public would come under such fire.

I have seen the new ladder so they bought what they said they would buy. I have also seen two other new trucks so they bought those as promised. Seems to me like maybe they did a good job of being fiscally responsible with our monies and because of that they can at no extra charge to us build a second station.

Those CRIMINALS! How dare they want to build something that could improve the services they provide while at the same time providing much needed employment opportunities during an economic downturn. How dare they look to the future and have planned well enough with our tax dollars to do so.

Maybe just the facts is right and they are an inbred mafioso empire and maybe just maybe some other organizations should start following such a successful model!


saunders 6 years, 1 month ago on Moffat County School District administrators unveil $2.3 million in proposed cuts

Why is Moffat County the red headed stepchild of one of the nations lowest education funded states? Why does the state continue to cut education to make up for shortfalls? Because we the taxpayers didn't complain about it when they cut education last time. I hope that everyone who takes time to write on this blog also takes the time to call, write or email to our representatives to tell them that continued education cuts in Moffat County are unacceptable and the we will remember how they defended our youth come election time!


saunders 6 years, 5 months ago on Craig city officials make safety center offer

Council member Jennifer Riley agreed with the mayor.

“When it comes to negotiating contracts or sales or those types of things … we have the right to do that in executive session,” she said. “We do that to preserve some of the … hashing out (of) the details because it is the details that tend to trip people up.”

Sounds to me like someone doesn't think the citizens she represents can keep up with all them there fancy words usings at our super edumicated city council meetings. Give me a break!

Here is a detail for you.....don't insult your constituents!


saunders 6 years, 6 months ago on Moffat County resident supporting ballot measures

I don't worry about not being able to buy things due to taxes. I supported all three of our latest local increases for schools, fire and the hospital and as a business owner and home owner I felt those taxes more than most but I pay them gladly for the services they provide to our town. When you talk about government being to big does that include Road and Bridge, Parks and Rec, Schools? The City and County employ a huge number of our friends and families that these measures will affect and who will suffer in the end? The Governor? He will still pull in his fat pay check, congress and the senate will get theirs too and we will lose services and jobs. Just imagine if the city cuts back on a service like snow removal in order to save money for road projects over the summer months. I bet you complain when you are stuck and late for work? When you remove funding you better realize that you have little say in what they cut to make ends meet.