ruralmom 8 years, 8 months ago on Jury selected in Culverwell trial

I believe that we may have lost sight of the issue here. This is a matter between Mr. Culverwell and the law. Mr. Culverwell broke the law by taking actions that directly violates the law. He needs to be responsible for his action and be accountable. The NW Colo. DOW did not personally make the laws they are only doing there job by enforcing them. No different that a police officer arresting a drunken driver. We all benefit from big game's existance, hunter come into town and stay at local motel/hotel, buy groceries, beer and sporting good supplies. Didn't Mr. Culverwell kind of bite the hand that feeds him and us. He participates in Ranching for Wildlife, Big $$$$. Well stated Silentman!!!!