rexrox77 6 years ago on West Routt Fire Protection District Chief Bryan Rickman sent in this photo of damage from this morni

Wellwell, Lawspecialist is right!!, The state police are confiscating photos of rocks now?, is this a free country?, or is it suddenly facist or communist? Next time ask the officer for a warrant!, do not let them push you around. Anybody pushed around by the cops like that should sue, BIG TIME!

I could understand if it was a sensitive crime scene, or privacy issues, but , OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, now I get it, the crime is being committed by CDOT!!

The earthquake in Japan moved the earth 6 inches off its axis, any wonder this is happening? Many rocks fell in other canyons that day, the 2012 scenario could happen, every year something worse happens. THE LEAST WE COULD DO IS TRY TO MAKE IT SAFER, IF THE POWERS THAT BE WOULD GET THE CRAP OUT OF THEIR EARS!

Who was the original idiot who put the road where it is?, with eminant domain it could have been placed on the other side of the river.