reasonableexpectations 4 years, 4 months ago on Commissioners remove 2 from MCTA board

If my boss said do something and I said do it yourself, I'd be out of a job. Why do these people think they should be different? The daily press editor/publisher stays out of news decisions? That's funny. He makes the news, he doesn't just observe it. Read the stories where he's the only or main source. That's not biased? I'm sure a writer would be out of a job if they wrote anything but his side.


reasonableexpectations 4 years, 4 months ago on Al Cashion: This is OUR Hospital

I agree with unbelievable. This is poorly written, severly lacking in attribution and clearly no one at the newspaper edited this for even basic grammar. If the newspaper had any credibility left, I'd say this was ruining it. As it is, This opinion piece falls right in line with their current news standards. Al, you're not an expert and this will be pie in the face.


reasonableexpectations 4 years, 4 months ago on CDP Editorial: Searching for security

It doesn't matter what safeguards are put in place. Unless we lock down our schools like prisons and prevent access to classrooms by anyone who is not an employee or student, someone who wants to get in will find a way to get in. We need to deal with the problem, not the symptoms. Bulletproof glass in all the classrooms? A lot of money for a false sense of security.