reader1 7 years, 6 months ago on Matthew Beckett: Take a position on law

als362 you come across as though you do not care about the youth of your community. A rec center is not intend to take the place of a parent. All kids in Craig need something to do, jaimeb5691 is absolutely correct that there is nothing for kids to do in Craig so they turn to drugs and alcohol. You are fairly naive if you believe for one second that the only kids that do drugs or drink are those whose parents don't watch or discipline their children. I know plenty of kids who drink and do drugs who have amazing, caring parents who have done everything possible to keep their children away from that scene. I understand not wanting to be taxed to death but there are some things that I think are worth it and the new hospital was not one of those things.


reader1 8 years, 2 months ago on Walt Vanatta: Police beat for January

Are you kidding me, a crime of the month story? It's not enough that you put every crime in the paper already but then you want to recap at the end of the month? People in Craig must be the most boring people in the world. Do you have nothing better to do than worry about what everyone else in town is doing? If the conversation at your dinner table is over the fact that 14 cars were tagged and 2 were towed I would suggest you get a life.