oleblueeyes69 4 years, 11 months ago on Softball team has problems sanctioning the sport

moffat county needs a girls team or teams. we have girls that want to play. what are we saying to these girls? the boys get baseball which can take them to college, maybe even become a career, but you girls only get to play this beer league type game, and if you do real good mayde someday you can play on a drunken co-ed team.


oleblueeyes69 5 years ago on School bus crashes into baseball field behind CMS

ok first and formost...im glad no one was injured and the driver is ok. never pass judgement until you get the whole story...there are alot of things left out or not mentioned ...all of what is being said is hearsay, rumors or was written in the paper, if people are 100% sure of what happened then they can pass judgement, but everything being said or written is not 100 % true. David.....the light pole in question is actally not that heavy, it is all aluminum and hollow. Buff....she must have been pretty qualified to pass everything that needs to be passed to get a CDL. I know as parents we want to protect our children and will do whatever possible to ensure that happens but let the facts get out before anyone bashes, slanders or comes to some conclusion as to what happened