obamablows 4 years, 10 months ago on Craig man reaches plea agreement in child porn case

sounds like cmommy needs as much help as her pedophile husband have'nt heard her say one time he was in the wrong and needs help enabeling is a sickness to get help cmommy FAST !!!!!!!


obamablows 4 years, 12 months ago on Letter: Dr. Joel Miller is a wonderful doctor

what it comes down to is a few people who chose to be perscription drug addicts and now they need a fall guy and all their families are in denial and enabling them to these drugs. Also they dont want to admit any wrong doing because their ADDICTS who have ENABLERS helping them in their addiction. Wake america it is a vicious cycle I know because ive been recovered for 20yrs and ive had to watch 2 of my kids struggle with addiction as well and swear they didnt have a problem. And I got sucked into the enabling side of it after being a alcoholicaddict myself I tried to sue JACK DANIELS for my alcoholism but was unsucceful. And as for the candyman down at the citypool we all know there there but ACET doesnt please !!! quit busting these little teens and go for the real dealers ACET is a complete waste of taxpayers money!!!!!!!


obamablows 5 years, 1 month ago on Nurse contracted by TMH in Craig arrested for theft

WOW native craig guy so naive obviously never dealt with the craig police or the school district for that matter most of them were dorks growing up and now they have uniforms and they are going to let you know who is in charge.and instead of profiling teenage kids and locking them up,and our tax dollars being wasted on ACET having kids snitch on other kids to lower their charges for possesion go after the real dealers not the petty ones selling a few pills here and there they know who they are and most of the cops and sheriff's deputy's live in glass houses anyway!!!!!! if you know what I mean


obamablows 5 years, 10 months ago on Moffat County athletic director search continuing

what a joke !!! now they are doing exactly what wildenhaus asked them to do but was told "we are not moving in that direction" chaos and confusion sounds about right for a Schnellinger run school


obamablows 5 years, 11 months ago on Do you agree with the Moffat County School District allowing bracelets that read “I (heart) Boobies! Keep a Breast Alive!” in school as demanded by the American Civil Liberties Union?

serenity that teacher is taking it to the next level come on !! what about I (heart) WOOD "work hard" toward a cure for prostate cancer is that offensive ? and do you know how or what your kids do at school when your not around ? what about a rainbow shirt that reads REPRESENT the colors is that offensive ? freedom of speech I guess


obamablows 5 years, 11 months ago on MCHS athletic director announces resignation

wildenhaus expresses no hard feelings but all are principal can say is we need to find a new AD and does'nt say anything about a job well done or he will be missed kinda makes you wonder whats really going on HMMMMM