George Robertson

George Robertson 1 day, 2 hours ago on I-70 winter tire bill to return

It's all about REVENUE. A new ticket can be issued with the resulting FINE to fund fancier patrol cars. Why wouldn't you support that????


George Robertson 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Local officials look to new lodging tax for economic development dollars

OK, so I go out and buy a car that I can't afford. I guess I can go to my employer and indicate that I can no longer afford my life style so I need a raise. My employer gives me that raise, and can no longer afford to stay in business, so now my employer and I no longer have a source of income. Brilliant huh? If you want to fund something new in your BUDGET(a concept that seems to be lacking here) then you need to figure out what items in that budget need to be eliminated or cut back. You already have a lodging tax. You need to find a way to live within the funds that it's called a BUDGET. The people PAYING that tax are forced to incorporate it into theirs!


George Robertson 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Lance Scranton: Craig needs a two-way street!

Allen be careful what you ask for. If the paper screened for "garbage", 95% of your comments would disappear.


George Robertson 3 months, 2 weeks ago on Country School Reunion a success

I think better! They didn't get it from a cell phone or an ipad. Instead they got it from a teacher that could and would kick their butt if they misbehaved, and then they would get it again when they got home.


George Robertson 5 months ago on Craig Fire Board discusses Fourth of July fireworks

"But then I haven't killed off the brain cells I need to reason with." I'm not sure you had any to begin with....I fails to see ANY "reason" in most of your comments.