nikobesti 8 years, 10 months ago on Patrick Germond: Light at end of tunnel

I love it! I'm especially fond of the line about how liberal socialist environmentalists "barely rank higher on the intelligence chart than a carrot." This coming from a man who thinks marijuana is the root off all problems in the US, the polar bear is "thriving," and we can solve our energy woes by drilling Alaska. Go get 'em, Patrick!


nikobesti 8 years, 11 months ago on Patrick Germond: Liberals losing touch with reality

OMG, this letter is hilarious! Are we sure this isn't a satire? It does more damage to conservatives than the liberals he's attacking. Fellow conservatives need to shut this dude up. He's making a fool of you all. Marijuana is the root of all problems in America. LOL! Thanks for the laugh, Patrick.


nikobesti 9 years, 1 month ago on Global warming comes home to Northwest Colorado: Part two

Hey Dr. Coles, does that make up for the thousands who don't dispute it?

You don't have to trust Al Gore or the politicians. You don't have to trush the newspapers. Trust the sceintists. The vast majority of credible climate scenitists know this is the case. I'd beleive them.


nikobesti 9 years, 2 months ago on What's your view on the elk and deer problem in Moffat County?

trout2: Elk numbers have been way over DOW objectives for many years now. When even the wildlife agency that makes a living off the elk say they're too many, then they're too many. This overpopulation is impacting the condition of the range. If we can't get the numbers down by hunting, why not get the numbers down naturally? DOW should stick to their guns for now and let nature work. If we start to see a crisis, then we can intervene.


nikobesti 9 years, 2 months ago on Task force: drug seizures on the rise

Great post, JDR. The public continues to make their will known by passing legislation to deemphasize law enforcement on marijuana. Sure, I realize federal law trumps state/city laws, but some local law enforcement is still not getting the picture. Meth is killing our towns yet the police still go after pot. Ridiculous.


nikobesti 9 years, 2 months ago on Jackie Manley: Sen. John McCain not overlooking war

Jackie Manley writes: "He has consistently urged Congress to keep troops in Iraq, to honorably finish the war on terrorism and to keep the nation safe from those who wish to inflict another 9/11 on the United States."

Even if we have a complete and total victory in Iraq, which I deem highly unlikely, this will not finish the war on terrorism. The war on terrorism is not a simple as one war in one country with one enemy. Failed US foreign policy, including the war in Iraq, is breaking terrorists faster than we can kill them. There is no "finishing" the war on terrorism, Jackie.

Secondly, the Iraq war is not keeping our nation safe from terrorists. It is turning people into terrorists. A typical Muslim in the Middle East may have disliked America before the Iraq War, but not enough to blow himself up because of it. However, now that we are occupying a country and people are dying and desperate, that same man is now willing to take up arms against us.

Jackie Manley writes: "Having seen firsthand the aftermath of Madrid's train bombings several years ago, I am more than ever impressed with the reality of this war and the consequences of failing to finish the job we started in Iraq and Afghanistan."

Again, the terrorists that attacked Madrid may not have done so if America, and our Spanish allies, were not part of the Iraq War. That attack was a result of Western presence in Iraq.


nikobesti 9 years, 2 months ago on Justin Duzik: Predators will attack anything

We can argue until the sun goes down about how many wolf attacks there have been. Rick Hammel says 1, Justin gives another example. I read your internet link, and although there are many stories, nothing is verified. The fact of the matter is, there have been EXTRAORDINARILY FEW wolf attacks on humans. Even your web site admits this.

Wolves are often hungry. With all the history of wolves in North America, and all those hungry wolves, how come we don't see more attacks? It's because wolves are shy and reclusive animals. We can argue whether the number is 1 or 100, but the point is we don't need to resort to fear mongering and rhetoric and Little Red Riding Hood stories about wolves attacking children at bus stops. Wolves are not dangerous to humans.


nikobesti 9 years, 3 months ago on 'Eternity in mind'

No more missions in Africa. Africans do not need to be converted. Also, don't you dare preach your abstinence-only education. Evangelical organizations are directly responsible for killing Africans. They preach only abstinence as a strategy to combat HIV/AIDS and spread lies about how condoms are ineffective. Condoms are they only proven and realistic means to stem HIV/AIDS. Just like in America, abstinence is unrealistic, and because of misinformation some religious groups spread about condoms, some Africans believe it and don't use protection. If you really care about helping Africans, you would hand out condoms instead of preaching.


nikobesti 9 years, 7 months ago on Widow of soldier 'sick' over anti-war T-shirts

Tom3, I mostly agree. However, don't tell her how she should feel ("Sherri Lawton should be angry because her husband died for oil and war profiteering.") The fact is, our troops as well as their families are as split on the war as other Americans are. Many widows and parents are very angry about the war continuing. So everyone, lets not pretend we are speaking for all widows, or all soldiers, etc.

The fact is, the names of those who have died in this war is public record. You cannot throw people in jail for reproducing them on the news, t-shirts, or anywhere else. Every year on Memorial Day the comic strip Doonesbury prints the names of all our fallen soldiers. No comments, just the names. Should that be illegal? Where do you draw the line? Who makes these decisions? It is all free speech.

Sherri, I recommend you cherish the memory of your husband and think of him however you want. You have no control over what others think. They are entitled to their opinion and you can't stop them from expressing it just because you disagree. This is America-we have that freedom here.