needstoknow 6 years, 6 months ago on How should Craig City Council address the urban deer population?

I think that the people complaining about the deer, should really stop an think about all their complaining!!! If they would stop an think the deer an elk for that matter where here before they were.. I enjoy the deer in my yard, I wouldn't have it any other way. If we KILL KILL KILL what would be left for hunting season???? Do they not realize that the deer an elk are what partially keep this town going with all the out of state hunters??? I know for a fact that the WHINNER'S are not going to get their way cuz the other's like me that like the wildlife are going to out weight them...


needstoknow 6 years, 10 months ago on How do you feel about former Craig Police detective Ken Johnson's sentence of seven days in jail plus work release, probation, community service and fines for his felony conviction?

Sooo infofact if all that you are sayin is true then where an how do u have this information??? are you on the inside???? Is that how you know soo much? An there is a thing called HEAR SAY. If everyone tried that how far do you think any of them would get really???? How many other BAD cops have we had in the system??? A few that I know of, I agree Ken Johnson was in the wrong with all that he did not only to the police dept. but the community as well, an yes that does not set a good example for kids that look up to cops as their hero's!!!! I'm not taking sides here but would like to know how you know so much about the case when I DON"T recall alot of what you have said to have been published in the paper?????