native_craig_guy 3 years, 5 months ago on Do you have a problem with all three Moffat County Commissioners gathering for lunch with a commissioner-elect without giving public notice?

This is BS... Bryce Jacobson and his jerk friends who consider themselves the so called "Craig Elite" are just pissed off that Dave Derose did not get elected. If the paper has nothing else to report on, then they should simply opt to report nothing at all.


native_craig_guy 3 years, 11 months ago on Senate District 8 candidates lay out positions in local forum

Jean works across the aisle all the time!!! She occasionally reaches across the party lines and defies her values and votes conservative!!! Jean White is a democrat in patriot clothing!! Watch out for her. She is not a conservative. She has proven it time and time again.


native_craig_guy 3 years, 12 months ago on Letter: Denver Post's coverage unprofessional

Peabody employs temps through Price Mine Service because it is cheaper to have the labor, risk is mitigated, insurance rates are cheaper, workman's comp insurance premiums are lower and they don't have the burden of hiring and training workers....


native_craig_guy 3 years, 12 months ago on TMH tobacco-free policy revised

Maybe they should focus more on developing policies that keep doctors and staff at the hospital, rather than waste their time and money with being smoke cops.... Since the ban is not a law, i am glad that they aren't going to call the cops.... but hey, they said no smoking tobacco.... I am sure that you can still smoke your medicinal herbs and be ok!!!


native_craig_guy 4 years ago on Council again denies proposed nightclub owner

Wow!!! I can't believe that someone tried to pull the race card on this issue!!! We are all "Honked up Rednecks"!!! That is just about as racially charged of a statement that I can think of. I am not a racist, but I am tired of illegals flooding our country and our community and taking up our resources. It is not a race issue, it is an illegal immigrant issue. If Tarrango is constantly violating the laws of the United States, he does not deserve to be here, let alone have a night club!! Good Job City Council!!


native_craig_guy 4 years ago on Letter: Sandhill Crane conservation

We should be able to hunt the birds. People fail to use logic when they rely on emotional attachments to "warm fuzzy feelings" they get when they think about animals. The fact of the matter is that we, humans, are responsible for the growth of the animal populations. When our ranchers (my ancestors) settled the west we irrigated, created stock ponds, reservoirs and lakes to increase the availability of water. In doing so we made an abundance of the one resource limiting the animal population, water. Once we made water readily available year round with nice irrigated feed plots the animal populations were allowed to flourish. We need to manage their population and hunting is a very effective means of accomplishing this. Simply avoiding the discussion of herd management by ignoring facts and decades of research shows blatant ignorance. We need to maintain healthy herds in healthy numbers.... Hunters are the best way to do that. Plain and Simple.