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Nadja Rider 5 years, 10 months ago on DOW discusses options to improve declining White River deer herd

Hey nimrod that's a great idea! Seriously - the local deer could be tranquilized and moved. It would certainly be a win-win for everyone. The deer would be saved and make all the tree huggers in town happy - and our shrubbery can start recuperating! Who knows, the deer may actually get healthier as well.


Nadja Rider 6 years, 1 month ago on Craig Fire District continuing with 2nd station plans

Clap! Clap! - - - Applause!!!

I like this game. If everyone would "play along" and "back their facts" we wouldn't have 95% of the garbage posted on this forum.

It amazes me how mean spirited people can be under the guise of anonymity.


Nadja Rider 6 years, 1 month ago on Lawrence Sober: Impeach the president

Though I feel that impeaching a president is a huge waste of time and money, I can see why people feel that way. If you haven't noticed, there is a huge amount of frustration currently in our country. It does not appear that the economy, debt level, handling of foreign policies, etc., are moving along in the right direction. I personally feel that Obama and his administration are doing a lousy job on all fronts. And blaming Bush for everything is getting a bit old.

Why does disagreement with Obama immediately equate to racism?? Was it racism when people disagreed with Bush and his decisions?

I hope the conservatives of this country can stand firm and get this great nation back on the road to recovery. Our debt level is teetering on the brink of disaster. If we all ran our own personal finances the way the feds do, we'd all be bankrupt.

To jamcolo, I scrutinize and dismiss most of what I receive via email. If something appears to have a shred of truth to it, I do research it, but I do not rely on snopes. It is also biased as is most of the liberal media. There may be lots of rumors floating around, but I know that some is based on fact that the liberal media will not touch.

And to all the Obama fans here, what has he done that deserves any accolades? Unemployment is still high, the debt is out of control and he wimps out on tough decisions and delegates them to others (like Hillary Clinton). It seems all he's good at doing is giving speeches, which mean nothing, since he doesn't follow through. And where is he right now? On a trip to Brazil that should have been cancelled. What was he discussing last week? Oh yeah - the final four! Nice!


Nadja Rider 6 years, 3 months ago on Marvin Cattoor: Kendall owed apology

Marvin, I agree 100%! I was disappointed to read that the DOW was caving in to the comments made by people that did not know the true facts.


Nadja Rider 6 years, 3 months ago on Jim Blevins: An attack on America

I have to agree with GreyStone, this was a nutjob that did not appear to be particularly involved with politics. He had a very short fuse and most likely mentally ill. The biggest problem I see, is how to determine what nutjobs will go over the edge and do exactly what happened. What threats do you take seriously? And why didn't the people closest to him see that he was going over the edge?

The main stream media has been very quick to point fingers and blame everyone EXCEPT the shooter. No one is to blame for this horrific shooting except Jared Lee Loughner; not Palin, not Fox News, not the right wingers. I'm tired of our society putting blame on everyone except where it belongs - on the perpetrator.


Nadja Rider 6 years, 3 months ago on Mike Albee: Insurance to blame, too

I just don't get it. Where has this sense of entitlement come from in our current society? Or this sense that just because someone is rich, they should pay much more and "even the playing field" so to speak.

So a kid has insurance until they're done with school, sounds good to me. You and I and our kids didn't have extended insurance and did just fine.

All these demands for free social services, coddling, entitlements - call it what you want - costs money. Hasn't anyone noticed, this country is going broke, and it's not getting any better any time soon. The system is broke and needs to be fixed first, not more money thrown at it, that includes the new health care system. The new laws were cobbled together and shoved down our collective throats. I bet not one person in congress or senate can tell you exactly what's in those new health care laws, yet we are supposed to - as well as our health care providers. I'm not going to argue that health care needs to be reformed, but it needed to start with tort reform and continue on to straightening out the mess with the insurance companies. Right now health care costs and insurance companies are in a vicious upward spiral, due to the costs they have to absorb for the uninsured and illegals. I personally would have liked to see health care reformed in smaller more digestible chunks. However first and foremost, our borders need to be secured and the neverending flood of illegals stopped. We simply cannot continue absorbing the cost. The financial burden is bankrupting this country.

Like it or not, we're going to have to suck it up and quit demanding that Uncle Sam take care of us. We're turning into a nanny state and it's got to stop. By the way, Arizona REALLY can't afford transplants. Who's going to pay for them? People die every day, as harsh as it sounds the sad reality is that it's part of life and not everyone can be saved. To assume the government is obligated to save each and every one of us is crazy.


Nadja Rider 6 years, 4 months ago on Craig man dies in early morning highway incident

The lack of a walking path along Hwy 40 has been an issue for 30+ years and sadly it's never been addressed properly. Though the path over the hill is lovely, it's only useful during the summer months and not too useful at any time for simply walking to town. It's certainly not a good bike path either. It was meant as a trail around Craig, which never got completed.

My condolences to Justin's family and friends. It indeed was a needless tragedy.


Nadja Rider 6 years, 4 months ago on Mike Knez: Leaders need to be more genuine

Calling someone a pedophile when you don't have any facts to support that statement is vile. Rumors do not qualify as fact.


Nadja Rider 6 years, 4 months ago on Mike Knez: Leaders need to be more genuine

Taxslave, John's stories about his family and growing up are not crap, they're true. He made something of himself in spite of his rough start and lots of hard knocks. So he gets emotional, big deal. At least he has feelings and isn't afraid to show them.

As for Glen Beck, if you really listen to him - he will make you think and question, instead of just going along with what the MSM (main stream media) feeds us. A lot of what he talks about may sound off the wall, however he has studied history and the constitution and he's not as nuts as the MSM makes him out to be.