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Nadja Rider 2 years, 2 months ago on F. Neil Folks: Cutting the ‘fat’

Good letter Neil Folks. Hopefully more folks become involved and ask questions as you suggested. I no longer have children in our school system here, but certainly understand the value of education for all kids. I personally would like to start with learning why such a large discrepancy in how the state funds are distributed to various counties.


Nadja Rider 2 years, 9 months ago on Karl Koehler: Get facts straight

Here is a great article for all the global warming alarmists. Real NOAA data to support the fact that we're actually in a cooling trend.

The last sentence of this piece says it all! "Of course, to global warming alarmists, all real-world data are irrelevant." I'm weary of being called a global warming denier (and worse!). Bottom line is that this earth has gone through dramatic warming and cooling since the beginning of time.


Nadja Rider 3 years, 6 months ago on Craig Station ranks as No. 1 carbon polluting power plant in Colorado

A climate study article was recently published that disputes current global warming theories, primarily the ones promoted by Gore. A group of 50 international scientists released a comprehensive new report on the science of climate change that concluded that evidence now leans against global warming resulting from human-related greenhouse gas emissions

A quote from the article:

"More than 20 years down the track, it is now evident this approach has been mistaken," they write. "One result has been the expenditure of hundreds of billions of dollars implementing energy policies that now appear to have been unnecessary, or at least ill-timed and ineffective."


Nadja Rider 3 years, 7 months ago on Craig Station ranks as No. 1 carbon polluting power plant in Colorado

The article is total BS! I wholeheartedly agree with David Moore's above post.

I'd like to know how they came up with data to support their statement that Craig's power plant is the #1 polluter in the state. If I remember correctly our power plant and Hayden's were held to a much higher standard due to the proximity of wilderness areas. I would take our air over the front range's any time.

I love the comment in the article about pushing more plug-in cars. It doesn't take much of an IQ to realize that electricity has to be produced from something - it doesn't just magically appear! And if you're relying on solar - you won't be driving very far.


Nadja Rider 3 years, 7 months ago on Ospreys to have new options for nests in Moffat County

I see osprey quite regularly on my walks at Loudy Simpson. In fact this past spring we saw one trying to build a nest on one of the light poles overlooking the baseball field. I don't think that was successful, however I do see at least one osprey fishing at the ponds quite regularly - even got some great photos! I've enjoyed watching them and hope they're back to stay. Maybe some nesting structures at Loudy too?


Nadja Rider 3 years, 7 months ago on Lloyd Rollins: Don’t divide the county

Do you really need me to explain liberal agenda? How about we start with the new laws and decisions made by front range politicians over the past year. Moffat County and most of rural Colorado, has been totally disenfranchised by the new anti-gun laws and doubling down on the green energy initiative. I not only wrote and called many Colorado legislators, but I also watched streaming live video of testimony before the new laws were signed into law. I was appalled at the arrogance of our Democrat legislators. If we (Republicans) didn’t agree with their agenda, we were told to sit down and shut up. The responses I received to my letters from the Democrats were basically a “pat on the head” – we know you don’t like what we’re doing, but trust us it’s best for you. I don’t need a nanny state or be patted on the head, or told what’s best for me or my community.

Now Hickenlooper wants to open discussions?? Where was he and all the liberal legislators BEFORE they passed and literally shoved the new laws down our throats. All this talk of coming together and finding common ground is too late in my opinion. They’ve done a lot of damage with the new laws, and we in Moffat County will pay the price, from hunters boycotting the state to higher electric rates. We have a power plant literally in our backyard, and yet we’re going to be forced to use alternative energy. How much sense does that make? And this war on coal will cost us how many jobs? Mines will shut down – and yes that has a trickle down affect and will cause hardship not just for miners, but for all businesses in Craig and Moffat County. So unless the Democrats are willing to undo the damage they’ve done – I don’t see how discussing further will solve the mess they’ve created. It’s the Democrats that “stood their ground” and did not try to find common ground on these issues.

You want our leaders to have a plan to improve our county, I for one believe that separating from front range liberals is a good first step! Let’s take rural Colorado back and let the liberals have Denver & Boulder! Everyone is worried about how we would fare without the front range cities, I personally believe they stand to lose a lot more without rural Colorado supporting them.


Nadja Rider 3 years, 7 months ago on Lloyd Rollins: Don’t divide the county

Marilynn, H.B. 10-1365 was passed in 2010 when Bill Ritter was governor - he was a Democrat - not a Republican. He had the final say on that bill and signed it. Moffat and Routt counties were opposed to the bill, since that bill as well as the recent Senate Bill 252 will cause job losses. Those bills will seriously and negatively impact this community as well as Routt County. And yes... I do view all the recent state legislation as a liberal agenda.

About the majority voicing their opinion – I’ll rephrase - the majority that vote will have their say. I can't help it if residents here don't exercise their right and in my opinion their duty to vote. Voting is the most democratic way to find out where people stand on controversial issues.

It’s unfair to compare Moffat and Routt counties. The demographics are completely different for both counties. It is possible to get a very good education here. I have two sons, both graduated from universities, one with a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering from Colorado School of Mines and the other with a Bachelor’s degree in Business & Economics from UNC. Both went to school K-12 here in Moffat County. Not sure where the blame should be placed if kids don’t succeed. Maybe parents need to be more involved in their kids’ education?

We’ve lived in Craig 34+ years now. So I’ve seen large amounts of our tax dollars spent on various consultants and economic studies, and nothing has changed in all those years. Moffat County is primarily a mining and ranching community with hunting thrown in during the fall months. Our physical location so far away from an interstate, is a detriment to attracting new industries. We’ll also never be a tourist destination like Steamboat. I’ve been in business for almost all the years we’ve lived here. Currently 95% of my business comes from outside Craig/Moffat County and a large percentage from outside of Colorado. So it is possible to run a successful business here, if you’re resourceful and able to run a business long distance.

I still believe that placing secession on the ballot is a good idea.


Nadja Rider 3 years, 7 months ago on Lloyd Rollins: Don’t divide the county

The rural counties DID reach across the aisle BEFORE all the new laws were passed. We were ignored and told to go home. We were also reminded frequently that the Democrats are in control - and they truly did not wish to discuss or hear our opinions. The new laws and decisions made by our current liberal legislators will have a serious and detrimental financial affect on this county.

I don't see how a vote on secession divides the county. A vote would clearly show what the majority want.


Nadja Rider 3 years, 7 months ago on John E. Lawton: Secession is ridiculous

First you have to understand what secession means. We would not be seceding from the USA, just Colorado. It would mean we either form a new 51st state or join one of the neighboring states, which in our case Wyoming or Utah makes the most sense. If more rural counties join in seceding, we could conceivably all join together and form a new 51st state.

The federal portion of taxation would not change. Now on a state level, we have NEVER gotten any free money. We all pay state income tax, sales tax, gas tax, etc., - then the state decides how to dole that money back out to the counties and schools. Remember there is NO FREE MONEY! It was ours to begin with. If the roads are in bad shape, it's because the eastern slope politicians don't see fit to repair ours. Denver and the populated areas always take precedence, which means our money is going to the eastern slope to fix their roads and bridges.

The next step should be some serious number crunching by the county commissioners of all counties wishing to secede. This will give us an idea as to how much of our money is actually funding the rest of the state and if secession is feasible.