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Flames completely engulf small truck in Craig January 18, 2017

Becky Plummer

Becky Plummer 4 years, 11 months ago on Cuauhtemoc “Memo” Barragan, 33, said he is a friendly man who likes to smile. His motto for life is:

He is the most awesome person you would ever meet, always has a smile and kind words whenever we go into the restraunt and never seems to have a bad day that you would ever know. We need more people in the public service jobs like him it would make everyones day go better..


Becky Plummer 4 years, 11 months ago on Whittle the Wood shifting locations to Loudy-Simpson Park

It doesn't make sense to run a shuttle from the Golf Course they dont have much parking area so what is that going to accomplish besides you have to drive past loudy to go park, then take the shuttle? I agree they should shuttle from some where in town and if you could get someone to agree to it the parking lot at Kmart would make more sense, its bigger and more central.


Becky Plummer 4 years, 11 months ago on A judge’s mission

You have no doubt had to go in front of Judge Gardner or you wouldn't know how she is as a judge, so try going in front of Judge Hill and I am sure you wouldn,t think she is good either, because either one of them is going to sentence you according to what you have done to break the law, soooo you probably wouldn't like either one of them.


Becky Plummer 4 years, 11 months ago on The return of merry memories

We always drove by to see the santa on the house and got to take my kids to see the same Santa go up and down the house, I loved it as did they.


Becky Plummer 5 years ago on Rescue effort falls short: Unknown cause of death claims truck driver’s life near Hayden

It looked to me that this man knew what was happening and pulled into the ditch to keep from hitting on coming traffic and saving someone elses life. I am saddened to hear he did not make it. He did a very honorable thing I hope his family knows he did a very heroic thing. You should be proud of this man for saving countless lives yesterday by pulling off the road. ;(


Becky Plummer 5 years ago on Car theft suspect pleads guilty

Maria101 What I really think is this, they put themselves (and their children) in that position when they decided to do drugs and steal cars. They should have got treatment for themselves before this happened, it shouldn't have to be a court ordered deal. And yeah I bet it was a terrifying wreck, especially for the people that lost their property, that they worked so hard for and had some half-wits come by and steal... They get no sympathy here. And no not one tracked, right tracked..


Becky Plummer 5 years ago on Shadow Mountain the focus of DOLA meeting

Why don't you have a discussion about giving the people on Thompson Hill WATER and SEWER unlike Shadow Mtn. they don't even have old water pipes that need repaired by the city, they dont even have City water. That would be a great way to spend that money.