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NEVER GO HERE!!! RUN BY CROOKS! The owners charged my card twice to use a bed that is shaped like a taco! I asked him to fix the problem and he told me NO! Really! Not smart man! By the way you can buy a package of light bulbs at Wal-Mart for less than 2 bucks! I had three lamps in my room and only one had a bulb in it! What a joke! GO ELSEWHERE! If you don't believe me check out some of the other reviews about this place on trip advisor!

super8123 replies...

There had been a mix up with this man's reservation through Expedia, we did not recieve the fax for the reservation until 2 days after he came, there is a procedure we go through for each online reservation we receive, they are all different. His complaint was about being overcharged, after talking to Expedia and seeing they had already charged him Rocky Mountain Inn refunded his CORRECT credit card on the 8th of October after he called and sent an e-mail on the 8th, we did ask him to provide us with a copy of his credit card statement showing our charge and Expedia's charge which made him angry and he didn't want to do that but that is the protocol. Manager had also asked the Expedia if he had sent a complaint to them, their response was that they had not received one. He then sent this e-mail: after he recieved a receipt in which there was his refund.
P.S. I am in the process of writing a letter to your city council, the local and Denver newspapers and I have already contacted the Craig police department regarding this matter. They find the reviews of your hotel rather interesting as I am not the only one who has been overcharged by your establishment. I feel very sorry for your daughter that she has to be raised by a parent like you! It will be a shame if she grows up to have the same ethics you exhibit. You had better not let her get ahold of the local paper in the next couple of days as she will be ashamed to be your daughter if she reads what I am going to write! Enjoy!
Matthew Mino
We tried to obligate him the best we could, as far as the bed, light bulbs, etc. if he had called the front desk and complained we would have taken care of those requests as well.

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