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Craig’s Scott Burke confirmed deceased October 1, 2016


males4 3 years, 11 months ago on Bulldogs win big on senior night

Prepare hard Hafey and coaches! These 16 seniors deserve it!!! (and don't you too to continue as a coaching staff?) Such talent has been wasted on lack of adjustments during critical times, play calling, and team management!! Get it done in Palisade!! Please!!!


males4 4 years, 11 months ago on John Ponikvar: Are we doing enough?

I'm confused, onewhocares, you are a little conflicting in your response to Nikki McLeslies editorial and this one. Not really sure how you stand? Mr. Ponikvar, you have said it well!! We ALL have to work together as a community to be an effective, efficiently working team to gain the most out of our goal!


males4 4 years, 11 months ago on Packers’ teamwork, focus lead to Doak Walker 3rd-, 4th-grade title in Craig

You know, Cory, you do need to step up and volunteer....all I have ever heard you do is complain, both in hockey and football. And "knowone" is spelled "no one".


males4 8 years ago on Second-half intensity

Wow! I think you two better reread the article! A few clarifications...Soroco's team was comprised of 7th graders, 8th graders and one ninth grader. The Bulldogs 7th grade started the game. Samuelson, Ivers and Hildebrandt just happened to be the only three 8th graders watching the game from the sidelines, supporting the 7th grade team... because of the their love and passion for the game! The other eighth graders were supporting volleyball or somewhere else. The coaches asked the boys at halftime to suit up. Also, Samuelson gives full credit in the article to his "phenomenal offensive blocking". It was a team win, not a 3 person win. The article may have not represented that well. I do agree that it is not about just winning, but I don't think any of the kids on the field were disappointed about the win. One final comment, these kids aren't good because they are from a "fancy name or a school teacher's child"...they are hard workers, well-coached, believe in teamwork, and love the game! I'm sure, Irishbrat, your child isn't playing just because he didn't see playing time! It's time you quit making excuses for your child and teach him a few real life lessons!