lostyermarbles 3 years, 10 months ago on Moffat County Commissioners approve free health care clinic in Craig

Maybe they should just review their employees time off . This is the silliest thing yet the county commissioners have approved. and Lynette should maybe confir with the powerplants and mines which employee far more on how they are managing copays I Dont know of any working person that doesnt have this in their life.$35 is far less than the visit and less than eating out or even filling up a toy gas tank. Maybe some time management and if they have that much copay and medical some tax deduction education. You are making the whole bunch sound handicapped. Maybe the VNA would make on the site visits if they cant figure it out.


lostyermarbles 4 years, 2 months ago on Gilt and innocence: Farrowing on a Moffat County hog farm

Being on about a 4 acre place with neighbors close they all get to enjoy the stench and the fly's that go with it. The sqeals of the pig's sounds alot in the evenings about 9 p.m. The houses are pretty close out there.


lostyermarbles 5 years, 5 months ago on Two new Moffat County School Board members were sworn in Friday. What do you think the board should make its No. 1 priority in the coming year?

Do things accordingly, don't pull any good old boy stuff and be honest and fair don't pull strings for people. Think of the best interest of the school not how it may benefit someone else in the community. Remember your there for all of the community not just for what you like.


lostyermarbles 5 years, 5 months ago on VFW: Veterans Park not up for sale to City of Craig

Well I agree with the VFW but, why has this gone so far that the signs say City Park?? Why hasn't it been named correctly after all this time. Now all the whittle the wood stuff is in there. Why aren't they down at Loudy?? VFW should do like Wyman and do their own thing. Have Whittle the wood there on VFW's terms and act like they own it instead of waiting until they act like they own it with signs and what not. Come on Boy's, you know how to win the war!! And yes, the City is shameful for it's action's after all the stupid stuff they do sometimes, or DON't do too...Yes they might be bound but they charge at the pool, they have lawnpeople. Sell the Marcia car place to the town or charge rent there, where else would they put it?? Have concerts, oh but the City would put the cobash on it beings it is not there's. There should be something to bring money. Or, just put it in a "green" eco park and don't mow..Put a exhibit of some kind.