littlesister 4 years, 6 months ago on Editorial: Fire district violated public trust

I find it interesting that you would even write this article. I believe the local newspaper has let the readers down. Why have you not been attending any of the Fire Board meetings and getting information on what they are doing? Mr. Jacobson, your staff attends other board meetings, City Council, County Commissioners, Memorial Hospital and the School Board. Is it because the Fire Board meeting is at night and your budget does not allow you to pay a reporter to attend and get accurate, unbiased information? I also find it interesting that you start slinging mud after Fire Board Member Chris Nichols is no longer on the Editorial Board. Maybe, just maybe, they have been saving money for these past years to be able to build this training facility. A business that wants to succeed puts money away for future projects, the County, City, School’s and Hospital all do it. I’m even betting that you try saving money for items you want to purchase. It’s kind of sad that all the Editorial Board Members would sign their names to that article without checking for themselves the facts about what is going on. The Editorial Board has really grumbled about a lot of things in this community lately, City, Schools, now the Fire Department, whose next? Maybe you should get out in the community and be proactive instead of reactive.
Seems the only “trust” that has been violated is the “trust” of the local newspaper to report accurate articles and the editorial board to express informed opinions.


littlesister 5 years, 6 months ago on Craig Fire District continuing with 2nd station plans

Here are some of the facts......and Just the real facts from a few Daily Press articles. 2/3/00 Legal Notice Call for Nominations 2/11/00 Two Fire Board seats available 4/28/00 Fire board election Tue. 5/3/00 One incumbent, one new member elected 12/10/01 Fireman ask for mill levy increase 2/22/02 Fire Dept. asks for mill levy increase 3/18/02 Mill levy increase proposed 2/22/02 Future of firefighting 4/10/02 Fire dept. schedules mill levy meetings 4/23/02 A battle for the bucks 4/30/02 Two residents attend last meeting 5/8/02 Fire district plans rejected, district will bring issue back 2/5/04 Legal notice Call for Nominations 3/3/04 Public notice Notice of Cancelation of regular election ( No Interest) 8/20/04 Fire district to seek tax increase 9/22/04 Only tax question on November ballot 10/16/04 Fire district wants an increase 11/3/04 No new tax money for the fire district 12/16/04 Fire Board wants input 12/17/04 Fire Board seeks another increase I don't think there has been a Fire Board election recently because of no interest. The information is out there, we as taxpayers need keep ourselves informed !!!!!!


littlesister 5 years, 7 months ago on Craig Fire District continuing with 2nd station plans

I remember one time when the Fire Board had an election, the secretary put an article in the paper (2-11-00) and information on our “local news” with Bill Engler, letting the public know about the upcoming Fire Board Election. The article simply asked people to come out and vote. That 2000 board election resulted in 135 or so people voting out thousands that should have. I remember her stating that the fire board election “was just as important as any other election in this town”. There was not a board election in 2002 because no taxpayer picked up a “packet” to run for the board. In 2004 there was an election and once again only a hand full of people showed up to vote for board members, mostly firefighters and their families. Also, when the Fire Board had a meeting on the proposed mill levy and training center, only 2 taxpayers showed up for the informational meeting. You know people, if you check the news paper or check with the fire department you can get this information. The board meetings have been held on 3rd Thursday nights of every month since I can remember and are always open to the public. Do any of you attend? I know for a fact that all the board members are NOT firefighters. Maybe if you went to a board meeting you would see that. The reason sometimes there are more past firefights on the Fire Board is because they care about the Fire Department and no one else runs for the election. Call the fire station and ask to be put on the board agenda and speak, ask your question, get informed. I do think the Fire Board could do more to keep the taxpayers informed as to upcoming elections and other important matters involving our tax dollar’s, but it is still up to us to stay informed. If there is no interest from the taxpayers to become a board member then there is no election. All of us as taxpayers should be involved with how our money is being spent, whether it is OUR Fire District, OUR City or OUR County. If you don’t agree with what they are doing, get involved. It’s interesting that we never complain about the Fire Department when we need them.