lbahc 4 years, 3 months ago on Rohrich resigns from hospital CEO post

What a shame! I read all the letters in the paper. Al Cashion created a witch hunt and others followed. Again what a shame. I attempted to read the article that Al wrote and before the second paragraph it became a mass of words that showed what his, in my opinion, mentality. And at the board meeting everyone listened as he spoke but when anyone spoke in support of our hospital and George he laughed, shook his head, and made comments. Again, a show of his mentality. One day before the board meeting a man's life was saved by the EMS. Did that get into the Daily Press? NO but we read a letter that took four editions to hear about a woman's complaints about a remote control and the lights being too bright!! We can do a million good things at the hospital (and we do) but if 1 person feels that we did somehting wrong everyone hears it, and thanks to the Daily "Mess" we all get read it.
Al, YOU got what you want. Now what insane crusade will you go on? I won't know because I will not bother with reading your nonsense in the Daily Mess.