melonie barrett

melonie barrett 1 year ago on Craig briefs: Moffat County Board of Commissioners meeting

David,the county only has one guy that knows how to fix the system and he has given his notice of aug 1st to get the hell out of that god for given mess.I work here and I know it is only going to get worse.


melonie barrett 1 year ago on Loudy-Simpson Park might house Amphitheater

Hell,They can not even take care of the lawn at loudy,went out to watch the games and I was ashamed to tell people I am from craig.Lots of people asking why the fields look like a hay field,and I told them to contact the moffat county court house and ask for lenny ,the one in charge ??????????


melonie barrett 1 year ago on No injuries from explosion at Herod Industries in Craig on Wednesday morning

Do they not still install pressure relief valves on these trucks????I think this company needs to step back and look at there equip.Just sayin


melonie barrett 1 year, 1 month ago on Craig resident Deana Miller reported as missing

The law should take this very serious. I think they need to take the people she was with and shake them down.DO YOUR JOB