kidsrrfuture 4 years, 10 months ago on Local teacher weighs in for Obama campaign

I just want to thank Mrs. Arnett for being willing to share her views. As a fellow teacher, I know what an amazing teacher she is. Her students are her passion. She goes above and beyond for them. While I may not share her political views, I applaud her for being strong and assertive with her ideas no matter how the public perceives them or her. She is exemplifying, for her students and the community, how to stand up for a cause even if it is not the popular thing to do. Political views aside, she is setting a terrific example to all of our students. Speak your mind, be strong, criticism will probably come, but that is one of the basic principles our country stands for--free speech. And, it makes me sad that people insinuate that this amazing and talented teacher is an idot. But since we have free speech, I guess you can do that, I just happen to disagree.


kidsrrfuture 5 years, 4 months ago on New group focusing attention on Moffat County education system

cmawest, Many things said on these blogs are upsetting and people often choose to fight and bicker instead of solve problems.

I understand how it may be upsetting to hire a graduate that is, "functionally illiterate." As an educator, I know that there are many reasons that this may happen. I do not know any teacher who takes pride in having to pass on a student that is not at grade level. As I said before, there are several reasons this may occur.

I welcome the new committee that Mr. Cook is helping create. As teachers in Moffat County we have been asking for more community support for years. I am asking you too, to become part of our solution. Our community and our children need vested people to help us all to reach our potential. So, here is your chance to get involved and become a defender of Moffat County children.