justthefacts 7 years, 3 months ago on TMH to undergo $50,000 in renovations

TMH had a net operating revenue of -$1.3 million dollars in 2009. ( Yes that is a negative) The Craig Daily Press has failed to mention that fact.

The TMH CEO is the most Highly compensated executive in Moffat Couny. ( Can you say nearly $200.000 per year?)

The TMH Board continues to give performance bonuses to the CEO inspite of huge losses.

TMH browed $1,000,000 to replace a servicable MRI that they failed to maintain. ( Should that have not been voted by the community at a county Hospital?)

TMH spent another $500.000 that was not budgeted to house the new MRI.

Smantha Johnson ( The Spin Doctor) continues to use her connections at the Craig Daily Press to make sure that at least 3 stories a week run to spin a positive light on an organization that has deep problems.( How many people were fired this week?)

The Hospital CEO and CFO spend money without board approval and accuse the board of micro managing when questions are ask.

The TMH Board spent less that 30 minutes reviewing a $32 million dollar budget. The TMH budget is the largest in the county. The Schools, County and City all spend considerably more time on smaller budgets. (Weeks)

The TMH board always cowers to QHR even in questions of unexlplained losses.

The Board spends over $500,000 per year to to contract QHR to operate an organization that is loosing money and the respect of the community.

The Board does not hold QHR or it's CEO accountable.

The County Commissioners do not hold the Board accountable.

QHR estimates to the board to remodel the old hospital was $15.000, it is now $50,000. ( and ok?)

The hospital board Chairman is married to a County Commissioner.

The old TMH culture is alive and well in the new facility.

What is the story about putting a dress on a pig?