justthefacts 5 years, 11 months ago on MCTA pitches separate website to Craig Chamber

Day Play We play all day

Night Fight We fight all night.

Fact: The MCTA and Chamber Should take the Commissioner's que and change their meetings to night.

Fact: Both organizations have it all mixed up!!!

Day Fight We fight all day

Night Play We play all night.

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justthefacts 5 years, 11 months ago on County commission addresses safety center during night meeting

Fact: The County Commissioners holding their first night meeting in years on the exact same night as a City Council meeting, speaks volumes about how much the Commissioners would like to include the City and Citizens of Craig their business. ( NOT AT ALL!!!!)

Fact: Commissioner Danner tried to stall talks on the Public Safety Center until new Council persons that she could mannipulate were elected.

Fact: It didn't work, same people were elected. ( New Plan??)

Fact: The Commissioners keep raking in the money on energy leases but don't believe in sharing with the 85% of their constituents that live Craig. ( Sorry not County residents!!!)

Fact: Tony St John and Dave Derose are right, the Commissiners need to play ball with the City council!!!!!

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justthefacts 5 years, 11 months ago on Bill Snare: Read the fine print

Fact: One must have been married first to become divorced.

FACT: Not the Facts!!!! Sorry

Fact: Many dispute the facts but never with facts, only with emotion.

Fact: The facts are the facts which are you and you and you.

Comment: Someone, anyone, directly dispute the facts with facts!!! You can only call the facts names and want to get even?????

Fact: The Facts never stop because you never stop.

Fact: We the Facts are everywhere, we know the facts because we are you!!!!

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justthefacts 5 years, 11 months ago on Bill Snare: Read the fine print

Fact: When a person starts finding reasons to stay away from home it usually indicates family problems.

Just trouble in The relationship Facts ?


justthefacts 5 years, 11 months ago on Fire Board addresses proposed station No. 2

Fact: Once upon a time in a land possibly not so far away, a group of people called themselves a fire board. The board consisted of Big Mac, Fire Plug, Fuzz Top, Cookie, and a man they called the Greek.

That group came togeather and rolled over to chief Billy that wanted a new fire training center he could call his own.The board said "But Billy the community said no to this twice what will we do?" Billy said "no problem I have managed to rat hole $1.5 milion dollars that the tax payers thought we needed for other things " Fire Plug and Big Mac said "Billy you better save enough to pay for our retirement for the next 30 years" Billy said "no problem!!!, I also have a couple of million$$$$$ stashed for that to, you know I will dipping into that fund myself very very soon".

The fire board said to Billy "We will help, first a letter to the editor, surley the tax payers will see our wisdom". Cookie then offered to have a barbecue, " The tax payers will love us when we show customer appreciation" he said. The Greek offered a ride in a new car and " the first dollar I ever made, you know, most of my countymen still have theirs, this is a great offering." Fuzz top then said "duh what are we talking about??" Fire Plug and Big Mac then said " We don't need to coddle to the voters we will build this palace for Billy, because our retirement jobs will be running this training center with Billy, and being the all knowing instructors!!!" " Remember Billy we want titles, and a school retirement to go with our Fire fighters retirement." Then Fire Plug said, "and health insurance, my city perks end in a short two years."!!!

Fact: Believe it or not, these are the Facts.

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justthefacts 5 years, 11 months ago on Fire Board addresses proposed station No. 2

Fact: Nice try fire board, the community is not buying!!!

Fact: My mistake, the community is buying, !!!! a new training center weather we like it or not!! ( According to the fire board)

Fact: The fire board, as do most of our of our local politicians, think that they are smarter than than the tax paying 100 or so people that voted them in. ( Of course 90% of those that voted were fire department related)

Fact: The fire board should let the community vote on a new training center that has been twice rejected by the TAX PAYERS, one more time!

Fact: OH yea , the voters have voted on line and the vote is 3 -1 against !!! Any fire board members paying attention!!!!!

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justthefacts 5 years, 11 months ago on Bill Snare: Read the fine print

Fact: $23.00 does not buy a Fire Station

Fact: The ones that loose everytime there is a mill levy increase is Tri State, Colowyo, Trapper Mine and every business in town that pays 3-4 times the amount of the residential property owner.

Fact: Many jobs in other sectors are affected when people like the fire department abuse the system.

Fact: The schools and fire department have cost our industries millions $$$$ with bond issues and mill levy increases!!!

Fact: Fire fighters fight fires for the fun and thrill of it, no different than riding a moto cross bike. (Only someone else gets to pay for their fun, Taxpayers!!!!)

Fact: The adrenaline rush is the same, danger is an after thought.

Fact: Some, mostly firefighters,and their families, ( saunders) glorify the position of being a fire fighter.

Fact: Quote from soon to be Chief Bill Johnston after 911: "After 911 everybody loves firefighters, now is the time to get this mill levy through for a training center, they (the public) wouldn't dare vote against it".

Fact: Bil was wrong!!!!!

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justthefacts 5 years, 11 months ago on Bill Snare: Read the fine print

Fact: The Fire Board and Fire Department LIED to the citizens about their needs!!!

Fact: As long as the present chief is the chief the Fire Department will have no credibility in this community.

Fact: As long as Mr. Big Mac is on the Board ( Former fire chief that also fudged the facts) the board will have zero credibility!!!!

Comment: You go Als, Ranger, who ever you are this week. Your comments are right on!!!

Fact: The Mill levy needs to be repealed, it was voted on under false pretenses.

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justthefacts 5 years, 11 months ago on Craig voters elect new mayor, city council members

Fact: 2 more years of a part time council person collecting full time benefits. ( Willems feels that attending just every other meeting is good representation.) WRONG!!!!

Fact: Congratulations should be give to council Person Byron Willems for scamming the citizens of Craig one more time.

Fact: I am taking bets on the time line of Council Person Willems next City paid surgery?? ( I get to start first: 26 days????) You next!!!!!

Fact: Four of candidates for City Council chose to run for the insurance benefit, not because they care for the City of Craig, ( guess which ones??)

Fact: The City insurance benefit is worth $2000.00 per month the the winners!!!!

Fact: $24,000.00 per year, per Council Person, per Mayor!!

Fact: The city needs to stop this perk and let us all see who really cares about the Citizens of Craig.

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justthefacts 5 years, 12 months ago on Craig resident proposes mill levy, foundation to offset school budget cuts

Read My Scribble: NO NEW TAXES!!!

Fact: The community already passed one mill levy override for $1.7 million dollars.

Fact: The community passed a bond issue to build a new school that was not needed ( Sandrock Elementary), and to upgrade the other schools.

Fact: Sandrock has some of the lowest test scores in the state.

Fact: A school system and school board that is failing the community and ill preparing it's students for college, wants another $1.7 Million!!!!! ??????

Fact: Mr. Jones should have moved to Steamboat Springs if he wants his kids to have a quality education!!!! ( It's not too late!!!!)

Fact: The community gave, and gave again, and will now be ask to give one more time. ( For what,? The same sorry excuse that does not hold water, " We don't get as much money from the state as other poorer communities that have no tax base like Moffat County, We don't know why they do better on test than our students???)

Maybe we as a community are not as smart as other people????? ( If we give any more taxes to this school board to waste, then the proof is in !!!!)

What are the results? What does our continualy giving more taxes to the Moffat County Schools get us? Answer: NOTHING!!!!!

Fact: The community needs to hold it's elected school board members accountable!!! They are not representing Moffat County Tax payers!!! ( Wasted money, poor educational programs, and among them they can't come up with a way make things better or make decisions that have not been make for them by the administration.)

Fact: No Tea Party people when you need them!!!!!! (All talk and wanting someone else to take action!!)

Just The wasted days and wasted school taxes Facts