jaxx 3 years, 8 months ago on Letter: Circus cruelty

Wow, circus drama is rampant in Craig, Colorado. Each person is entitled to their own opinion on this subject. Im thinking we might be a bit hard on those that share a different opinion. If you don't like circuses, don't spend your hard earned money on circuses and theres a good chance circuses won't come back to Craig. I happen to feel similarily about the carnival but it hasn't got me very far. Don't hate our community for bringing in an attraction that Im sure has some kind of certification and inspection from the goverment. I know that this little circus is appearing often in towns across the nation..... doesn't seem like the goverment is doing much to shut them down. Shopping local is what supports our community.... I don't quit shopping local because the carnival is allowed to come back every year. Craig isn't a hotbed of animal cruelty because the circus comes to town. Give everyones opinion a fair shake, support our community and contact your representives if you want to see something change. Wow, guess I should have went to the circus. Just sayin........


jaxx 3 years, 8 months ago on Letter: In defense of Monty Pilgrim

Good job, ruralmom, think you hit the nail on the head with your comment. Not sure where the division in the community that Mr. Warner refers to is occuring as all of the people I have talked to share the opinion that Mr. Pilgrim is in the wrong. I know that I certainly wouldn't want someone as a neighbor that kept astrayed stock for years and years and years. And if I believe Mr. Warner is wrong if he would let such neighborly behavior continue without contacting the proper authorities in complaint. Neighborly does not mean stupid, Mr. Warner. Just sayin......


jaxx 3 years, 8 months ago on Moffat County rancher appears in court for pretrial conference

Not sure what you mean by "bad faith by any parties involved". It seems to me that Mr. Pilgrim had many opportunities to make this situation right many years ago as some of the returned stock has been missing for many years. Most ranch neighbors are usually pretty good about returning astrayed stock.... not sure why Mr. Pilgrim did not return stock for several years as it was evident such stock had been worked (and presumably identified as not belonging to Mr. Pilgrim). I don't believe any of the parties involved are looking for a huge windfall. I do believe that Mr. Pilgrim was aware of the astrayed cattle and presumably did nothing to make the situation right. I don't know Mr. Pilgrim at all but no neighbor I've ran stock next to would ever condone me keeping his cattle for several years (raising calves every year). Would Mr. Pilgrim (or you Reasonable) be ok with me keeping the calves off of your cattle? No, you would consider me a thief. Just sayin.......


jaxx 3 years, 9 months ago on Moffat County rancher appears in court for pretrial conference

Wow, people remember what happens in the Kiwanis play (I'm impressed, really). Mr. Pilgrim probably would be better off having a change of venue for this trial but I hope it stays close as I really want to see how this case plays out in court. I don't remember any similar cases in the recent past and wonder what possible defense could help the defendant. Seems pretty cut and dried to me. But maybe Im missing something. Maybe our past Coloradans had reasons for hanging their neighbors caught in similar circumstances. Just sayin....