jamcolo 3 years, 10 months ago on Senate Bill 252 heats up Moffat County tempers

I wonder when Moffat county commissioners will decide to build wind turbines to supply Moffat county employee with 20% of their electricity needs to save money.

Yea, I could not help myself.


jamcolo 4 years, 12 months ago on Letter: Dr. Joel Miller is a wonderful doctor

I don't know Dr Miller. I have nothing against the Doctor. In fact I agree it is not the doctors over taking the drug that is killing more Americans then cocaine, and heroin combined.It is the people fault. Now many Doctors won't prescribe the drugs because doctors are coming under the gun over these deaths.When people in pain learn of a doctor willing to help them with their pain it make it appear that these Doctors are over prescribing these drugs.

Something needs to be done as illegal use of prescription drugs is an epidemic according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The National Institute of Drug Abuse, or NIDA, estimates that 7 million Americans, mostly young adults, regularly abuse prescription drugs. According to the DEA, more Americans illegally take prescription drugs than those using cocaine, hallucinogens, and heroin combined. That has got to be cutting in to the profits of the candyman down at the city park pool.


jamcolo 5 years ago on Editorial: Traffic, treatment, stalemate

Florida welfare drug testing results for one year. 98% passed the drug test. Cost of test $178 million Percent that did not pass 2% Saving to the state for that 2% 60,000 for the year. Conclusion: Winner: Drug testing companies Losers: Tax payers of Florida.


jamcolo 5 years ago on Editorial: Traffic, treatment, stalemate

The cost of a urine drug test runs from $25 for cheap test to over $75. All of them can be beaten with not to much cost.

A few years ago a professional basketball player was busted with a drug test beating device,which consists of a fake penis,drug free urine, a heater and a bladder.

I believe a quick goggle search would freak most people out. The drug war this country been losing for years done not need more costly laws. Lets stop throwing money at a symptom and start working on the real problem. GOOD PAYING JOBS!


jamcolo 5 years ago on Letter: U.S. moving toward Socialism

It's called the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.The amendment prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion. If you believed our country was governed by the majority you were wrong. Don't matter if 99% want a law if it goes against the Constitution it is unlawful.

Abortions are legal in this country.If we had better sex education in our schools with more access to more forms of birth control the number of unwanted pregnancy abortions and a lower baby mortality rate.

Why not care more for all the hungry babies and young children in this country before worrying about ones not even born.

Case in point, Last year Colorado republican voted to take school breakfast and lunches away from poor kids.

Our nation was founded by people who emigrated here to escape religious persecution in Europe. Why would they make a country that does the same to others?

The republican house has already passed Ryan Paul's new plan. It will raise taxes on working families and give the rich another huge tax break.

If socialism is so bad why are the happiest people living in socialist countries? they enjoy better health, better healthcare, live longer,have less crime,FAR lower abortion rates, lower baby mortality rates,better education

In november we have a choice Socialism or Religious Theocracy. I will go with Socialism.


jamcolo 5 years, 2 months ago on Patrick Germond: Law contrary to Christian doctrine

As far as I know only the Catholic's and Mormon's have doctrine against artificial contraception. The rest are free to plan their own families. This like most others is an example of the only war against Christians in American. that is Christians telling/forcing by vote or court to make other Christians and non Christians play by their rule book like it or not.

Teaching of Bible based young earth creationism is another.

By the way some birth control pills do prevent implantation of a fertilized egg by altering the lining of the uterus. Thing is 40% to 50% of all fertilized egg do not implant in the uterus and die. That's just the way thing are.


jamcolo 5 years, 9 months ago on Bob Grubb: Bible relevant today

Ranger520,I will give you my take on it.

I find that people of one faith ridcule others faith all the time. Just look at how popular the new broadway play "The Book of Mormon. made by the writers of South Park is. A play that makes fun of the Mormon faith. Ridicule of the Mormon seems to be okay.

Acrossed this country Christians are doing whatever they can to stop Muslims from bulding Mosque's. Ridicule of the Muslims seems to be okay.

Scientology is always under attack,so Ridicule of the Scientology seems to be okay.

The republican party sweep into power in the last election and 570 bills have been introduced in 48 states this year to restrict abortion. South Dakota and Nebraska went as far as to have bills making it legal to kill abortion doctors.

In nuberous other states it's Anti-evolution bills, Anti-global warming anti-women’s reproductive rights and anti gay marriage.

It's not ridicule of someone's religion as much as ridicule of Christians.

All I can say is that when Christians learn to stop forceing there ways on us all the ridicleing will lessen.