hummers 4 years, 3 months ago on Shell hosts local business event in Moffat County

greenie52, if you were a smart business man, wouldn't you kiss Shell's ass for money? Wouldn't you want to go to there informative meeting and find where your business would benifit. Key phrase "if you were a smart business man"


hummers 5 years, 12 months ago on MCTA director announces resignation

Brain Dead you chose a perfect name and you do it proud. It is Mrs. Villard. Why are you so jealous of Mrs. Villard.


hummers 6 years ago on Resident outlines visitor center proposal to county commission

Unbelievable6060 and MoCO4life, have you attended MCTA meeting? Your comments are grossly missinformed. Melody had applied for director twice. After not being chosen the first time, she stayed on the board and was voted chairperson by the other board members. At the cleaning out of Pat McCaffery and Diane Brannan, the commissioner Audrey Danner appointed Melody as an alternate, Melody did not apply and not get reappointed as unbelievable6060 states. She applied againfor director and after the dog and pony show that accompanied that appointment, which she did not ge. She was offered a job by a private business to promote Moffat County toursim. She and Pat McCaffery have been busy promoting toursim at no cost to the County MCTA or the Chamber of Commerce. What is wrong with that. Free enterprise affords lots of choices. There are more than 1 resturant, more than 1 carpet store, more than one grocery store in Craig. Why not more than 1 visitor center. Why is the Chamber of Commerce so worried about Melody promoting toursim, Their main job is serving their members.


hummers 6 years, 1 month ago on Craig to vote by mail in April

Great I Love mail in ballots. It gives me time to study and make an informed decission. I usually take my mail in ballot back to them at the court house. Just to be sure it is in on time.


hummers 7 years ago on MCTA director search down to 2 applicants

notme is the only one who didn’t know the truth. Doesn’t look like Melody Villard has anything to hide. Twice now on this blog she has answered with her own name. Not hiding behind an anonymous user name. Note that she said her son who at the time was 5 came up with the idea, I know when he was 5 that was long before January 2006. you seem to dislike Melody so much it is clouding your mind. In her answer to you she said they hung up the phone and pursued it online, you took that literally. Earlier in that message she indicated that they had already sent in a video and application. Does that mean that they did that the same day they were on the phone with the production company and the same day they got the email about Doug Wagner’s post? Keep up the hate mail on Melody Villard, her responses show the character, honesty and integrity she has and is making all you disenters look ignorant


hummers 7 years ago on Kathy Bassett: Grandma didn’t smoke pot — she kept it under the bed

Darn Kathy you gave out all my secrets. I have used the Prince Albert in a can a few times. Never mind about the electric company calling, "Is your refrigerator running?" Yes it brings back memories. Thank You for good clean positive articles.