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Cole White 4 years, 11 months ago on Incumbents retain fire board seats

So roughly 160 people exercised their right to vote during this special district election? And the vast majority for the existing board members? Wow!!! From the way people commented online you would have though that there would be 1000 people coming out to vote against the encumbents........Looks like not that many people were upset with the fire district building a new training station.


Cole White 4 years, 11 months ago on U.S. Attorney spokesman: No apology forthcoming for Craig doctor


I'm not disputing that the Craig Daily Mess is a horrible paper and doesn't do a single ounce of investigative reporting. I am sure that if Dr. Miller bought more adds in the paper his story wouldn't even have been on a back page somewhere. If you go back and read any of the articles you would see though that the paper did the minimal amount of research necessary to make a story. The fact of the matter is that Dr. Miller's office did get raided and files did get confiscated. Right now Medicare is investigating fraud all across the country. They are getting leads on potential fraud by simply running a doctor's billing history through a computer to find discrepencies in how they practice (e.g. are they prescribing too many narcotics? are they seeing the same person for the same thing too often? is the person they are billing for dead?) or the DEA runs their prescribing habbits through a computer to see if they are prescribing too many drugs to the same people over and over again. IF the authorities had absolutely nothing to base their decision on they wouldn't have raided his office. Now if Dr. Miller has done his due dilligence then he should not fear an investigation as he apparently is not since he said he has nothing to hide and is continuing to practice as usual. I also know that a witch hunt can creat mountains out of mole hills and if you are looking for even the smallest errors you will find them. But the simple fact of the matter is that Doctors are defrauding the US goverment and providing substandard care all over America. We also know that a very small percentage of physicians account for the vast majority of the malpractice and fraud going on.

From a personal stand point I have met Dr. Miller. I think he's an ok guy. I have know beef with him. As we go futher into the future though more and more physicians will haver their practice habbits called into question. Those choosing to practice off the grid (no hospital privileges, no electronic medical record, no particiapation in medicare and insuranace etc. ) may likely have their practice habbits called into question more often.


Cole White 4 years, 11 months ago on U.S. Attorney spokesman: No apology forthcoming for Craig doctor


You are don't know. But what I see are those posting in his favor just opened up accounts in thelast few days and have only posted on his story, while the majority of those posting against him have posted, in many cases, for years on this website. Just seems odd. I'm not saying it is or isn't happening, I simply make a point that those who are voicing an opinion in favor of Dr. Miller have only been on this website a few days.


Cole White 4 years, 11 months ago on U.S. Attorney spokesman: No apology forthcoming for Craig doctor

I have no opinion one way or the other on this situation, but as a matter of observation I noticed that everyone who is voicing an opinion in favor of Dr. Miller has just recently signed up for a CDP account and have only posted in favor of Dr. Miller. Makes me wonder if its isn't just one or two people who have created multiple accounts to post in favor of Dr. Miller.....Just saying!


Cole White 4 years, 12 months ago on Replacement equipment for TMH Medical Clinic about $10,000 under budget

The Beckers group is a great organization. Inorder to be considered for any award from Beckers, such as the one the hospital was given, you have to send in an application for that specific award. All hospitals are sent application from numerous organizations like Beckers. Most hospitals (98% maybe) choose not to take the time to fill out the form.


Cole White 5 years ago on Editorial: Fire district violated public trust

The Editorial Board's argument is quite possibly the dumbest I have yet to hear them make in all the years I have read them. Basically what they are saying is that NOTHING changes. Where was the editorial board when the The Memorial Hospital asked for money from the voters after they promissed they wouldn't ask for a tax levy if the people of Moffat County raised a million dollars in donations? Guess what? Things change! The million dollars raised wasn't quite enough so they went after more money. Things change and just because a condition held true ten years ago doesn't mean that it will in the future. Again, GET OVER IT!

The money the fire district has in reserves is up to the District Board and the other officials in the fire district to do with as best they see fit. Not the CDP Editorial Board. This is how Special Districts work all over the state of colorado. If you start giving the average shmuck say in how a district is ran from day to day you are going to have problems coming out of your ears.

The editorial board has to respect the public wishes? Really Editorial Board? And what are the "publics" wishes? Just because they voted down a mill levy a decade ago for a tower doesn't mean anything. Currently we don't have a mill levy for a training tower, so I guess they did respect the wishes and didn't raise new taxes for a tower specifically but they did get voter approval, THIS VOTER'S approval to raise a mill levy for operations and other puposes. Fortunate for them they don't need you permission to run their fire district. If our fire department produced as poor a quality product as the Daily Press we would be in big trouble. Fortunately for us we have some great people running this program that know a thing or two about running a fire district. You would do well in investing a little more time in learning to not report fluff stories and human interest garbage and actually report the news.

FACT: Moffaty County does not do a very good job investing in its infrastructure. FACT: Our voters are so concerned with not adding an extra $10 a year to their taxes that we have some of the worst county and municipal buildings in the state. FACT: With the exception of the recent school, hospital, and fire monies raised we have done nothing to better our community outside of a few more acres of grass in our parks department. FACT: The Daily Mess gets most of their facts wrong. FACT: this is money that the Fire District has in their accounts and isn't going to set you or anyone else back a single dime in the future.

I think anyone investing in this community needs to be applauded and anyone who doesn't want to invest in this community needs to be run out of town. Its time to stop doing the bare minimum!!!


Cole White 5 years ago on Options available for clinic reopening in Baggs, Wyo.

That clinic was overseen for years by Dr. Thomas Told, who did so at cost to him of both his time and money. When Dr. Told was planning on leaving the area it was to continue being overseen by The Craig Clinic, which was to be purchased by the hospital. Unfortunately for all involved, hospital administration failed to follow through with their commitment to Dr. Told or the residents of Craig and Baggs, and opted to break their contract with Dr. Told at the last minute. The hospital opted instead to creat their own clinic at the old TMH facility and the clinic in Baggs started to be over seen by TMH's new doctor, Andy Hughes along with a mid-level provider. Sadly, I can only assume that the hospital did not see the value in continuing to send a physician up there and obsorb some of the cost of making sure that clinic stayed open.

There are about 700+ peopel living in the greater Baggs area who now have to travel to either Criag or Rawlins. I guess that hospital administration figures that since Craig is closer that they will keep the majority of the patients without having to assume any of the cost of seeing these patients, which is in direct contrast to what YVMC does, who sends physicians the 45 miles from Steamboat to Craig, because they see the value of this population on their entire business.

The article in the paper encourages people of Baggs to contact Andy Hughes (a TMH Doctor) if they need an appointment, but I would encourage them to send a message to the Memorial Hospital Board and chose other options, including the Northwest Colorado Community Health Center (VNA) or The Memorial Hospital of Carbon County.

I would also encourage the Daily Press to actually do some investigative reporting from time to time. Their are big issues facing the people of our region and printing nice articles and not digging deeper just so you can protect your advertising revenue is no way to run a paper.


Cole White 5 years, 1 month ago on Letter: Health insurance mandates infringe freedom of religion


You are so blinded by party politics you really come off looking quite stupid. The simple fact of the matter is that healthcare costs and the average person's ability to pay for those services is reaching a critical mass. Your lame coment about freedom of religion and healthcare boarders insults all of our intelligence (sounds like you copied and pasted this from Fox News). I looked back in the Archives for a letter from you when George W Bush was lying to the American people and plundering our reserves, spending wildlyand violating our constitutional rights but I can't seem to locate any. This tells me that 1) you are an idiot 2) you don't know what you are talking about and 3) that you wouldn't say $h@t if you had a mouth full as long as the person who put it in your mouth had the letter GOP by their name.


Cole White 5 years, 1 month ago on Editorial: Flight focus

The only advertisement that would be any good is a simple billboard at the intersection of highway 40 and Routt Rd. 51 leading to the airport that has an arrow on it pointing west and a picture of Benjamin Frankling that says:

"Craig....Drive 18 miles and save a founding father (Avg. Craig hotel = $85 - Avg. Steamboat hotel = $185)"