heidiclick 5 years ago on Department of Justice seizes files from local physician

He's not known throughout Moffat county as "the Candyman" for nothing. I do not know him personally nor have I ever been a patient of his, but I filled hundreds of his prescriptions and understand where the nickname originated. I am in no way qualified to question any doctor's diagnoses or treatment, but I do believe he wrote more prescriptions for narcotics than the sum total of every practicing doctor in Craig during my time as a pharmacy employee. To be perfectly honest, I'm so relieved that there is an investigation into his professional behavior and hope the outcome is a healthy, safe improvement for Craig's patients who rely on their doctor being compentant and ethical; and not a narcissistic danger to their well-being.


heidiclick 5 years, 7 months ago on Josh Roberts: This, above all, I believe

This is one of the finest compilations of thoughts, emotions, description, empathy, and raw humanity I have ever read. Thank you for writing it, and thank you for sharing it.