haveathought 4 years, 10 months ago on Mitt Romney … meet Craig, America

I agree a bit with jmed. The reason our political system is nonviable is because there are only two parties. We need a third party to have a more rounded system. Nobody is all Democrat or all Republican. There are more choices out there and we need to vote for them. As for Mitt-- If we are able to ask questions, then I hope we challenge him and not just stroke his agenda.


haveathought 5 years, 8 months ago on Craig Fire/Rescue responds to blaze at Tri-State

greenie52 Wow that's quite a statement from someone who has never been a fire fighter. Perhaps you might want to go through all the training and education and then try it out. If our fire fighters are not safe then how can they help anyone? I certainly would want my loved one to go in prepared and ready to fight a fire and save individuals or structures and then be able to return home safe. I challenge you to try out for the battalion. As I understand only half make it through so good luck to you on that.