grabken 2 years, 5 months ago on Caroline Dotson: Thank you, teachers

Ditto and thanks Caroline! Every teacher and administrator I know would do anything to protect and comfort our children. Prayers going out to all touched by this tragedy.


grabken 7 years, 10 months ago on Are you confident in the job Moffat County Social Services is doing?

To our commissioners, as businessmen and I was wondering if you...

Would you allow your business to be run by a manager who regularly demonstrates incompetence, negligence and consistent votes of "no confidence" by your customers and market?
AND Would you continue to employ a manager who brought sanctions or penalties to your company from a regulatory board?
AND Would you accept an action plan for addressing the problems by training the manager's subordinates?

I guess you would, because you are. I will be using my vote in the next election to demonstrate my committment to these kids and familes, and I encourage everyone who cares about kids to do the same.