Beckey Grabowski

Beckey Grabowski 1 year, 5 months ago on After the battle has been won: Breast cancer’s collateral damage

I want to thank Lauren Blair, the author of this article, for her dedication and efforts to dig past the warm pink fuzzies and see the reality for most survivors. She had to put up with many delays due to pain from my recent rhizotomy, but she took the time to really UNDERSTAND the "other side" of breast cancer. She joined a private group of survivors, conducted interviews with some of my medical team, attended a treatment, and truly was vested in this part of cancer's reality. This article encompasses so many issues and is very thoughtful and well stated. I hope anyone out there suffering in silence from any cancer treatment collateral damage (permanent side effects) will know you are NOT alone! You aren't "crazy" or an "anomaly" and it's certainly not "all in your head!" Talk to your doctors and if they don't listen keep talking until you find one that does try to help. Surgeons and oncologists worldwide are only just now discussing and researching the high price of surviving cancer. They are finally seeing that latent treatment effects can be life altering. Can cures for the cure be just around the corner? Thank you Lauren. I have heard from many people today, both survivors and those who've never had cancer, and they have been deeply moved by this story. It has already been "shared" on Facebook in least 3 countries and 6 states!


Beckey Grabowski 1 year, 7 months ago on Our View: School district's turnover, lack of resources is unacceptable

How powerful and profound would it be if everyone worked toward student achievement instead of writing negative, demeaning and disrespectful articles or comments? I often wonder what it would look like to have a community of people dedicated to supporting MCSD teachers and administrators? This would require that all of us are educated on the complete and actual facts, not just opinions and suppositions. One must attend and participate in school board and PAC meetings regularly and consistently, read all the facts related to the budget and school funding laws, and then ask questions BEFORE reaching a conclusion. Are you ready for that kind of personal commitment?


Beckey Grabowski 1 year, 9 months ago on TMH Living Well: New lymphedema treatment program at hospital

It is wonderful to have lymphedema treatment services in Craig! Often my breast cancer surgery related lymphedema makes it extremely painful to drive at all, let alone to Steamboat or Edwards for treatment. And for intensive treatment one often needs CDT on a daily basis for nearly a week to get the fluid out and moving. I once had over 1.5 liters of fluid removed from my arm - think of a 2 liter bottle of soda and imagine that much fluid in your arm! ouch! I also have it in my torso and on bad days I have gained up to 7lbs of fluid overnight! Danika is amazing and her treatment methods are more efficient than 3 days of treatment from my previous therapist. Lymphedema is a lifelong, painful and often under treated condition. The daily personal management is tiresome, time consuming and the uncomfortable compression garments (worn 24/7/365) are not enough to keep the fluid moving properly. Thank you TMH for finally bringing this therapy and relief to Craig. I strongly encourage lymphedema patients to visit Danika. Even just ONE treatment from her is truly amazing and provides incredible relief!


Beckey Grabowski 4 years, 3 months ago on Caroline Dotson: Thank you, teachers

Ditto and thanks Caroline! Every teacher and administrator I know would do anything to protect and comfort our children. Prayers going out to all touched by this tragedy.


Beckey Grabowski 9 years, 9 months ago on Are you confident in the job Moffat County Social Services is doing?

To our commissioners, as businessmen and I was wondering if you...

Would you allow your business to be run by a manager who regularly demonstrates incompetence, negligence and consistent votes of "no confidence" by your customers and market?
AND Would you continue to employ a manager who brought sanctions or penalties to your company from a regulatory board?
AND Would you accept an action plan for addressing the problems by training the manager's subordinates?

I guess you would, because you are. I will be using my vote in the next election to demonstrate my committment to these kids and familes, and I encourage everyone who cares about kids to do the same.