Joanna Hatten

Joanna Hatten 9 years ago on Applejacks seized for failure to pay sales taxes

Once again have hit the nail on the head. A restaurant can not sink that much money into a place and then not get qualified help who can turn out a good meal......WITH customer service. I to ate at AJ's twice. Same experience as you. Lots of money and gross food. If you treat the community right....they will treat you right.


Joanna Hatten 9 years ago on District unveils building plans

Ok Ms. Johnston...I have watched the whole evolution of the new hospital and not said anything....and yes I voted for the new hospital.

However, I think that one of the main concerns from the community as a whole is.......will a new hospital bring new and better doctors. I hope so because I for one am tired of driving to Steamboat to ensure that myself and my family gets quality care.

I could tell you multiple horror stories of care your hospital dished out...just from my family. If I were to include my extended family and friends, we would need a month to discuss it. Stories including surgeries given that weren't needed, broken bones ignored and diagnosed as sprains, wrong medications given, and horrible bed sided manners.

Your doctors could do alot themselves to help your public image. Letting patients who happen to come in the emergency room during a shift change wait 30 minutes for the next doctor is not a good way to get people to come back. And yes...this really happened. They were overheard saying it would be better if the patient could wait as the present doctor really needed to leave on time that night. I can assure you the patient used that 30 minutes to drive to Steamboat.

Any other business you frequent has to have quality customer service. Why should the hospital be any different? I am not talking about your CNA's or your Nurses because I truly believe they do the best they can with what they have to work with.

Anyone who reads the Daily Press can get a feel for how skeptical the community is just by comparing birth records....Steamboat vs. The Memorial Hospital.

If you truly want your community to stand behind you I suggest that you start with a series of compassion and ettiquette lessons for your exisisting doctors. Just because they have a higher education does not give them the right to shun good hard working people.

Good luck with your new hospital and start recruiting.


Joanna Hatten 9 years ago on Our View: Time to make a ruling

I can only hope that you two are not insinuating that people who go through the court system do not get treated fairly. I have been there on jury duty and personally witnessed court staff being abused by these "up-standing" citizens. If doing your job allows you to be abused by people who not only know and abuse the system, what a sad country this has become. If our county commissioners are not willing to take a stand and listen to the staff that deal with this element of people on a daily basis, and take measures to protect them while they are doing their jobs, then maybe its time we put them on notice. They say that money is the issue? How do you put a price tag on peoples safety? They have a right to be safe at work. In fact lets play it this way....if an incident occurs requiring immediate attention for security, I urge courthouse staff to call each of the commissioners instead of the sheriff. Let THEM stand between you and some ticked off person who really has nothing to lose. If that is there idea of "security" THANK GOD none of my loved ones work at the courthouse.

To those who do work there....may God be with you and just know that there are some of us who think you are worth protecting.


Joanna Hatten 9 years ago on Applejacks seized for failure to pay sales taxes

this is something that has been public knowledge for a long time and also been a long time coming. If they had paid their bills and their help this wouldn't have happened.