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UTV accident kills 9-year-old boy April 27, 2015

Joanna Hatten

Joanna Hatten 2 years, 3 months ago on Linda Riley: Craig's motto

I think Mrs. Rileys comment is directed towards that publicity that her daughter, the quality control officer at the Memorial Hospital, has been getting. We all like to defend our children but I think Mrs. Riley needs to understand how her daughters actions and conduct are directly affecting other peoples LIVES and HEALTH.


Joanna Hatten 2 years, 3 months ago on Moffat County Youth Services coordinator jailed New Year’s Day

Well thats just awesome...the person we trust to get our kids back on track beats the crap out of her husband in a drunken rage. Thats wonderful! And the county commissioners have been made aware of her other conduct out in public and nothing has been done? Wonderful. Makes me proud to live in Moffat County....home of the good ole boys club.


Joanna Hatten 2 years, 4 months ago on Craig resident arrested on suspicion of embezzlement offenses

My words...oh where to begin!!! Seriously??!! If you ARE educated about the facts I'm assuming that you are aware that in the arrest papers Mr. Reuer ADMITED!!! embezzlement. And you spoke of selfish greedy people...honestly!!!! Have you stopped to think of the other employees whos lives this could effect? Mr. Reuer is nothing but a selfish greedy individual who chose to take what was not his to have a lifestyle and girlfriend he could not afford. Nobody pushed anything on your buddy Mr. Reuer. He chose to be a thief and a liar.


Joanna Hatten 2 years, 4 months ago on Do you have a problem with all three Moffat County Commissioners gathering for lunch with a commissioner-elect without giving public notice?

If they were truly trying to conduct a secret meeting do you honestly think they would do it someplace as public as JW Snacks? Honestly!! They took a friend/colleague to lunch! I would think we as a community would have better things to worry about then sandwich sharing at a PUBLIC restaurant.


Joanna Hatten 2 years, 5 months ago on Craig resident arrested on suspicion of embezzlement offenses

My Words...I originally would have agreed with you until I took the advice of one reader and went to the courthouse and read the arrest papers. From what I read I can assure you all parties named in the first two posts SHOULD be charged. So before you get all self righteous I suggest you take a moment and educate yourself on the facts. Just sayin...


Joanna Hatten 2 years, 10 months ago on Gerber to take reins as MCSD finance director

Oooh my. From Julie Baker who led with compassion and understanding to Mrs. Clark who has the personality of a rattlesnake. I have personally witnessed this lady on 3 different occasions talk down to and belittle people working at various local business' if her opinion was challenged. Is this the best you could do Moffat County? for elementary children who's young self images are just developing?? C'mon....dig a little deeper in your stack of applications and give our youth a chance.


Joanna Hatten 3 years, 2 months ago on Police chief reprimanded for misplacing firearm

"It is what it is" and "HE delegated a commander to investigate" .....SERIOUSLY??!! What it IS an arrogant careless law enforcement officer!! I hope he comprehends the danger he put the entire safety center in....not to mention the safety of the public who he is paid to protect! And how EMBARRASSING to our community that this was on 9 news for everyone to ....ONCE AGAIN...take notice of our law enforcement community. What would have happened had that inmate decided to not turn the weapon in and had taken out into the community or back to his cell pod? I think Mr. Vanatta needs to personally thank this inmate for demonstrating more honesty and responsibility to the taxpayers of this community then he as a CHIEF of police did. As a taxpayer I am angered by yet another black mark on our community by law enforcement. Mr. Vanatta you need to be held accountable for your actions. I hardly think a "letter" is sufficient. But in his words...."IT IS WHAT IT IS!"