fourteener 3 years, 8 months ago on Matt Winey: Let’s keep progressives out

hey ba ba bri bri - go thump your bible somewheres else. you godsquaders cant think for yourselvs an seperation fo church and state means you keep it to yourself.


fourteener 4 years, 6 months ago on Al Cashion: Sail on, Oh Ship of State

I had a girlfriend in the 10th grade who filled multiple spiral notebooks with this kind of self-absorbtion. Navel-gaze much, Al?


fourteener 4 years, 6 months ago on Craig man sentenced in child pornography case

Good riddance & I hope he serves the max. If we're lucky, his fellow inmates will administer some prison justice.


fourteener 4 years, 6 months ago on Craig residents, movie fans react to Aurora tragedy

Amu -

One more thing: don't be so dismissive about your .22. If a bad guy breaks in and your .22 is the most accessible weapon, don't hesitate to use it. First, the mere appearance of an armed homeowner may be enough to send him running the other way. Second, a couple three rounds of snakeshot in the face will sting, lemme tell ya. And it may buy you enough time to get to that 20 gauge in the closet.

In addition to my holstered .38, I always have my North American Arms .22 magnum mini revolver in my pocket. Once in a blue moon, it'll be the only weapon on my person. Is it my first choice for a self defense pistol? No. But it eradicates any possible reason for not carrying, and it beats the heck out of my main carry gun sitting in the glove compartment. Plus, it's fun as all get out to shoot. And for those who are rolling their eyes at the .22 mag, I dare you to stand in front of mine as I pull the trigger.


fourteener 4 years, 7 months ago on Craig residents, movie fans react to Aurora tragedy


I'm reluctant to recommend a specific weapon. What's comfortable for me may not be for you. And “knockdown” power should be less of a priority than a weapon you are able to shoot accurately and safely. As far as “knockdown” power is concerned - instant takedowns are rare in most episodes involving handguns. In the majority of incidents, placing a round on target immediately illicits a flight response from the target(s). I give you the recent video of the 71-year old guy in the internet cafe who successfully used his small 380 semi-auto against a pair of armed punks: At the end of the day, I want the biggest caliber I can control consistently under stress. So I think the best gun/caliber is the one that goes bang when you want it to, while enabling you to hit what you're aiming at - and it's different for everybody. As I once heard a defensive handgun instructor put it: “A gun is like your nose. Don't let anyone else pick it for you.”

Having said all that, you might look at .357 caliber revolvers (if you intend to carry concealed, you'll want one without the hammer spur). Revolvers are easier and more reliable to operate & maintain than semi autos, and the .357 also accepts the family of .38 caliber rounds. So it's a weapon that allows you to use a variety of loads: .38, .38 Sp, .38 Sp+P, and .357. Another thing – as a woman, you have an advantage over members of the male race: your purse. It enables you to conceal a wider variety weapons than I can accommodate with my inside the waistband holsters. If you want to get fancy, google 'concealed carry purse', and you'll find oodles of options.

I'm an occasional customer of Elk River Guns, and have found the staff there to be very knowledgeable (full disclosure: I do not have an ownership interest in the enterprise, and my association with the staff there is strictly as an occasional patron). I think you'd probably find it helpful to speak with them. Discuss your needs & budget and you'll likely get some excellent advice.


fourteener 4 years, 7 months ago on Craig residents, movie fans react to Aurora tragedy


Just because you and I carry doesn't mean everyone should. Many people are uncomfortable with guns, for a variety of reasons - those who are shouldn't own or use one. The late conservative Tony Snow, for example, didn't own a gun and was unalterably opposed to the death penalty because he believed the 6th Commandment was to be taken literally and obeyed absolutely.

Many more Americans are killed on our roads & highways than are lost to violence. If we extend your logic, a God-fearing daddy shouldn't allow his family to ever get into a car.

Incidentally, the Constitution doesn't say anything about a right to "bare arms." It appears you've confused tank tops with weapons.


fourteener 4 years, 7 months ago on Letter: Daily Press' treatment of doctor unfair

Like it or not, the arrest/investigation of a prominent local doc is news, particularly one stupid enough to shove a cop. Moreover, the CDP has been explicit about charges that were dropped v. charges that received convictions. Seems like straight reporting to me; no smearing going on.

I wouldn't have my current job had I not agreed to submit to a mandatory background check and fingerprinting. If I had as many run-ins with the law as Miller has, I'd be on unemployment. He should count himself lucky. The rest of us are expected to behave like grownups.


fourteener 4 years, 7 months ago on Craig man reaches plea agreement in child porn case

cmommy ain't too bright. Which is fine, we can't all be Einstein. What's scary is she's so offended that anyone could object to kiddie porn. And says she'll call the cops if people don't stop sounding off about it?! I'd love to hear THAT conversation with CPD...