firemed 4 years, 9 months ago on Letter: Softball teams treated unfairly

I am writing in regards to the softball tournament for the girls teams. I do not have a kid of my own in this league but i do have family in it. I was disgusted in parks and rec for how this tournament was set up. what happened to playing a two day tournament and starting in the morning not 3pm. Our team played 8 straight games with no breaks if they wanted to eat they had to take a bite as they are running up to bat or out into the field. RIDICULOUS these are little kids who need to stay hydrated. Our team never had a potty break to say the least the girls ran in between our last games to go potty and the umpire of which is in charge of the league was yelling at them to hurry up we have to get this finished. That is ridiculous. Some kids had accidents while out in the field cause they couldn't take a break again RIDICULOUS. These poor little 8- 11 year old girls could not even walk at the end of the night or for the next couple days. I agree with the post above good way to turn a kid away from a sport that is suppose to be fun lets run it to midnight instead of setting up a bracket for a two day tournament. These kids deserve two days for the money their parents put out for these sports. What does this money go to? I hope that next year they decide to change things up and have a two day tournament Saturday, Sunday or Friday, Saturday. Makes more sense to me. how about a lunch break that would have been helpful. how about a break in between games not 7 games in a row. How do you expect a 8-11 year old girl to play 7 games straight then go straight into the championship and expect them to even have a chance at winning when the other team had a 2 hour break hmmm wonder why the score was 23-2 again Ridiculous. The poor kids were probably to tired to even hold their eyes open. What 8 - 11 year old stays up until midnight. Let alone playing softball for 9 hours straight again RIDICULOUS. Parks and Rec Please rethink the way you set up the tournament before you turn away too many kids or cause a severe injury or illness. Kids get Dehydrated very easily especially while playing in the sun for extended hours and add running into that that has tripled your chances for a very sick kiddo.