emmaredmond 3 years, 12 months ago on Craig man charged with 40 felonies

Wellwell Thank you I agree. I wish there was something more that could have been done for this individual. Before this happened he was quite nice, or seemed to be. There needs to be someone who can recognize these signs, and when a person does recognise signs of something wrong who do they tell? I also happen to know a victim and the mother is distraught. Again, someone she knew. She is afraid the backlash of people finding out the identity would be horrendous. It's a small town, but it wouldn't take long to put two and two together. Just wants to protect the kids.


emmaredmond 4 years ago on Craig man charged with 40 felonies

You don't know the story behind this 29 year-old in custody right now. He WAS sexually abused as a child, by highschool bullies. Possibly even more than that. Help was never sought for this individual and this is what happens. His family still lives in Craig and are possibly just finding out about all of this. There's two sides to every story. You do not have all the facts. He obviously needs some serious mental help if he was abused himself and then believed it was ok to continue it. I urge, not only for the victims, but also for his family, please do not post his name on here if you find out. Also, he is innocent until proven guilty. I would be worried about the sex offenders that are loose on the streets around Craig. If this man is in jail, worry about the one that's possibly in your neighborhood living right next door. I won't put any names in here, just keep that in mind