eieiolrighty 4 years, 3 months ago on Moffat County Youth Services coordinator jailed New Year’s Day

Well...it's about time. She has been in bar fights, kicked out of bars, giving alcohol to minors. The county commissioners are well aware of all this going on and they continue to ignore it. Maybe they will finally do something about it.


eieiolrighty 4 years, 4 months ago on Letter: Joe Petrone on Newton, Conn. and helping kids cope

I hope that they start asking for ID's when people come into our schools AND why they are there. Not once have I ever been asked to present that driver's license, or any other ID for that matter. I thought that was the reason our district implementing all the new changes; to be able to check people's back-grounds with their ID and to question why they were in the school. I thought that if you didn't have an name tag, you were to be stopped in the hallways. I know this is not going to help with all situations. I just wished that our district was a little more consistent in checking out who people are and why they are there. I hate that the thought that our schools have to be like prisons now, but I hate that thought even more that they might not be safe.


eieiolrighty 4 years, 4 months ago on Craig murder suspect appears in Moffat County District Court for advisement

I guess what I don't understand is, Rose was STILL MARRIED to Leroy. Rose was still living in THEIR house.. Leroy was rubbing Rose's neck at the basketball game on Saturday...If she was dating another man and wasn't with Leroy anymore, why did she allow him to stand there and rub her neck, why was she still in the house with Leroy and at the same time with Shane in his home? Would this not confuse anyone!! You have no idea what this woman was telling her HUSBAND and her BOYFRIEND...you only know what she was telling you. Do you not see anything wrong with this picture, HUSBAND and BOYFRIEND, MARRIED and DATING??? You think you know what you would have done in this situation. You cannot judge another by what they have done. Humans can only take so much and then they break. Adultery should be illegal, just for this reason. NOBODY WINS!!! Some people do take their vows seriously, till death do us part. Some people love unconditionally.

I, myself, do not understand why any one person would put themselves through this much pain for another...Love, it does such strange things. I pray to God that someday Rose realizes how much Leroy loved her. Leroy will be judged! Thank God! Who will win in this case....? I pray that God watches over Kyle and Kody and gives them peace one day. I pray that God gives Kyle and Kody the strength to forgive their mother and father.
I pray that someday I can understand all this. Never in my dreams would I have ever seen this coming. My prayers go out to both families!!


eieiolrighty 6 years, 1 month ago on Craig Middle School eyeing fundraising opportunities for new athletic uniforms

Maybe the school district should ask AAU basketball for some money since they have so much to give away to the high school. They make enough and this is the age group that they are making money off of. I believe they should be helping out the middle school instead of the high school.


eieiolrighty 6 years, 6 months ago on Marquilla Hood: Too cold to play outside

I totally agree! Our kids need that time outside to get fresh air, run, get rid of that energy, the teachers need that time to themselves. I can't imagine being a child or a teacher here in the winter and not being able to go outside...WOW that would suck!! I feel like there are so many germs lingering inside the schools during the winter, let them get out and get fresh air....kill those germs. Our kids would never get to go out if the school district raised the temperature. If you want snow days or cold days move to Denver, I hear they have them all the time there. I for one don't want to have to make those days up at the end of the year. My kids do chores in the cold, walk in the cold. It has never hurt them!


eieiolrighty 6 years, 6 months ago on Potter: Don’t believe the slander

I totally agree with als362. Anyone who is a Christian knows that it is not our job to judge. I do not agree with a lot of things but I don't hate those that do them. I believe it is very unfair to say that it is religion that is causing the hate. I think people would like to blame it on religion just to keep it out of schools, government, etc... Maybe if we had more religion, people would learn to be more tolerant of others believes, maybe we would try to be a more pleasing society instead of so hateful to others different than us.


eieiolrighty 6 years, 10 months ago on Weis: Show some Craig pride

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eieiolrighty 7 years ago on Johnson pleads guilty

This is totally insane. Why bother taking it to court? Why not hire him back on with law enforcement? I'm sure he won't break the law again. GOOD LORD! Get a grip and do something to these people that are breaking the law and putting others in jeopardy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!